Great Escape 2018 – Warm Up Part 2…with tracks by …Noisy Pots, The Black Angels, Danpyunsun and the Sailors, Keston Cobblers’ Club, Forest Of Fools, Eastern Eagle, A Tribe Called Red, Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers, Honningbarna, Cherie and Renno, Jackson Firebird, Mystic Braves, Hollie Cook, Lay Low.

  1. Gastronomy, by Noisy Pots. Prague, Czech Republic [2015]
  2. Doves, by The Black Angels. Austin, Texas, USA. [2008]
  3. Lover, by Danpyunsun and the Sailors. – South Korea [2016]
  4. Your Mother, by Keston Cobblers’ Club. Keston, England. [2015]
  5. Suggestive Digestive, by Forest Of Fools. England. [2017]
  6. Red Riddom, ft Eastern Eagle (Mi’kmaq), by A Tribe Called Red. Ottawa, Canada. [2013]
  7. Conduit, by Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers. Halifax. Nova Scotia, Canada. [2012]
  8. Dodtid (Downtime), by Honningbarna (Honey Children). Kristiansand, Norway. [2013]
  9. Let Me In, by Cherie and Renno. Israel. [2016]
  10. 411 Positrac, by Jackson Firebird. Mildura, Northern Victoria, Australia. [2012]
  11. Desert Island, by Mystic Braves. Los Angeles, USA. [2017]
  12. Ari Up, by Hollie Cook. Brighton, England. [2014]
  13. Mojo Love, by Lay Low. Iceland [2007 & 2014]

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