PCP#200… Podcrawl 2008…

Another chance to hear PCP#200, the first proper Podcrawl in which I’m joined by Paul Snelling (aka The grumbler), Peter Clitheroe, Rowley Cutler and Colin Gazely. As usual we talk a load of old bollocks, drink too much beer and put the world to rights. Amazingly enough, Rowley and I are still podcasting. Oh dear, dear,dear…..

  1. Nearly Killed Keith, by John and Wayne. Workington. [Myspace]
  2. Jage Ode (Hirsch Dub), by Alpendub. Canada/Germany. [Versionist]
  3. Vultures, by Dead World Leaders. Sheffield, England. [PMN]
  4. Viens Avec Moi, by Les Breastfeeders. Montreal, Canada.
  5. Fuck Da World, by Karoshi Bros. UK. [Myspace]
  6. Voet Sek (Go Once), by Amaryoni. South Africa. [PMN]
  7. Wandering, by The Plastic Soul Band. Tokyo, Japan. [PMN]

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