Staring At The Moon…with tracks by… Hell Bruizers, Florian Decros, Unknown Concept, Incendiario, C-Doc, Oonga, Agitators, Pk Jazz Collective, Adrianna Krikl, Ollie Cram, Sumac Dub, Meavy Boy, Syrinx.

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  1. Honey, by Hell Bruizes. Moscow, Russia. [LMSNT]
  2. Nebula Rush, by Florian Decros. France. [Vulpiano]
  3. Enigma, by Unknown Concept. [DigitalDiamonds]
  4. Sonder, by Incendiario. Portugal. [Skalator]
  5. Make You Free (Radio Edit), by C-Doc. Maine, USA. [BlocSonic]
  6. Nubes Sobre La Maravilla, by Oonga. Montreal, Canada. [Shika Shika]
  7. So it will be again, by Agitators. Russia. [LMSNT]
  8. Watch The Sound, by Pk Jazz Collective. Astrakhan, Russia. [SCL]
  9. Moon, by Adrianna Krikl. Los Angeles, California, USA. [Bandcamp]
  10. Da Da Dap Song, by Ollie Cram. Bristol, England. [Bump Foot]
  11. Radio, Ney and Persan Setar, by Sumac Dub. Grenoble , France. [ODG]
  12. Epicurus Worshiper of Soul, by Meavy Boy. Italy. [Spettro Rec]
  13. Execute, by Syrinx. Moscow, Russia. [Crach]r

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