Karma…with tracks by… VoodooHeadz, Dredillah, Hama, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Munay Ki Dub, Drenching Haze, El Buho, Andrew Averkin, Zoungla, BlackieBlueBird, Cousin Silas, Sergio Mariani.

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  1. Panic (nightly version), by VoodooHeadz. Russia. [MNMN]
  2. Hyper Machine, by Dredillah. Chicago, USA. [Shrammaka Recordings]
  3. Imidiwan N’assouf, by Hama. Niamey, Niger. [Boomarm Nation]
  4. Axiom of Defiance by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  5. Karma Rules by Munay Ki Dub. Córdoba, Argentina. [Dubophonic]
  6. Laberinto, by Drenching Haze. [Todos Somos Dios]
  7. Mot Mot, by El Búho. Northern England. [Shika Shika]
  8. Dried Ocean (Drum’n’Bass version), by Andrew Averkin. Odessa, Ukraine. [MNMN]
  9. Sunday, by Zoungla. Montreal, Québec, Canada. [Ektoplazm]
  10. The Weeping Willow, by BlackieBlueBird. Copenhagen, Denmark. [AF Records]
  11. Quiescence, by Cousin Silas & Sergio Mariani  England. [We Are All Ghosts]

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