Am I Cancelled?…with tracks by… Dave Mono, Discontinuation Of Treatment, I Fi, Mascalito, Gabriele Ragonesi, Myst, Katie’s Randy Cat, DeepWarmth, Yella Gin, Sasa Spacal.

  1. Upup, by Dave Mono. Haarlem, Netherlands. [Section 27]
  2. A Deep Remorse, by Discontinuation Of Treatment. Italy. [In You Ears]
  3. What You Gonna Seh, by I Fi meets Askan VibesParis, France. [ODG]
  4. The Lecture, by Mascalito. Israel. [Ektoplazm]
  5. Dark Passenger, by Gabriele Ragonesi. Firenze, Italy. [In Your Ears]
  6. Myst, by Myst. [Todos Somos Dios]
  7. Wait, by Katie’s Randy Cat. Toledo, Ohio, USA. [Death Roots Syndicate]
  8. The Silence Was Sweet, by DeepWarmth. [Cold Fiction Music]
  9. Msqi, by Yella Gin. Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation. [MNMN]
  10. Transversal Is A Loop (excerpt), by Sasa Spacal. Ljubljana, Slovenia. [Kamizdat]

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