Scratches In Time…with tracks by…Olympic, The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse, PorTeDMoSS, 2Minute Minor, Jorro, Boubouteq, Mr. Hoosteen, TFried, Niteffect, Joe, Hiroshima Dandys, Sobria Ebrietas, Double Precision, Nulix

From the following labels… MIST, Planet Groucho, Soisloscerdos, Zap Records, SubBass, Quiero Recordings, OMEAC, Discos Pato Carlos, Enough Records, Comeme, Solo le Pido a Dior, Pilot 11, 51beats, Groovecaffe.

  1. Frankie S, by  Olympic. Santiago, Chile. [MIST] Santiago, Chile.
  2. How To Survive The Coronapocalypse And Not Eat Your Friends, by The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse. Strathcarron, Scotland.  [Planet Groucho] Scotland.
  3. Spoxom, by PorTeDMoSS. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. [Soisloscerdos] Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
  4. Remember You’re A Womble, by 2Minute Minor. Chicago, Illinois. [Zap Records] Shotts, England.
  5. Balkan Ethnostep Jam. by Jorro. [SubBass] Heidelberg, Germany
  6. Kyoga, by Boubouteq. [Quiero Recordings] Mexico.
  7. Deux Mille, by Mr. Hoosteen. New York, New York, USA. [OMEAC]
  8. Piano Fuerte (Edit), by TFried. Chile. [Discos Pato Carlos] Chile
  9. Scratches In Time, by Niteffect. Budapest, Hungary. [Enough Records] Coimbra, Portugal.
  10. Get Centred, by Joe. London, England. [Comeme] Berlin, Germany.
  11. Filatelia (Edit), by Hiroshima Dandys. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Solo le Pido a Dior] Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  12. And Day Brought Back My Night (Part 1), by Sobria Ebrietas. [Pilot 11] West Sussex, Enagland.
  13. Leaving (Original Mix), by Double Precision. Como, Italy. [51beats] Milan, Italy.
  14. Below The Surface, by Nulix. Zagreb, Croatia. [Groovecaffe] Croatia.

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