Asparagus….with tracks by… Gatien, Suzanne Belaubre, Hutch, Japanese Television, Hayvanlar Alemi, Reggaddiction, M(h)aol, Sprints, Thus Love, Asep Nayak, Flange Circus, Arky Starch, Mambo Melon, Räksmugglar’n

  1. Gatien – Une longue journée de travail (A Long Day At Work) (feat.Suzanne Belaubre) [La Souterraine]
  2. Hutch – Potted Plants [Bandcamp]
  3. Japanese Television – Ghoul Rules [Bandcamp]
  4. Hayvanlar Alemi – Kuskonmaz MMXVII (Asparagus 2017) [Bandcamp]
  5. Reggaddiction – Heart of Gold (feat. Ammoye) [RDX Promo]
  6. M(h)aol – No One Ever Talks To Us [Bandcamp]
  7. Sprints – Modern Job (Live) [BBC Sounds]
  8. Thus Love – Repetitioner [Bandcamp]
  9. Asep Nayak – Luk Lak Wamena Nen [Yes No Wave]
  10. Flange Circus – Three Foot Tall and Hairy [Puffer Fish Press]
  11. Arky Starch – War Cry
  12. Mambo Melon – The Cricket [Edisonbox Records]
  13. Räksmugglar’n – Sluta tyka dig börja tråla (Stop Pretending, Start Trawling) [Basspistol]

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