Tales From The Command Module…with tracks by… Flechettes, Studio Gussie Edwards, The Dolls Are Good, Alright Mela, Kinoue64, The Margaret Hooligans, Tomchilla, mexCalito, Caballero, The Ringards, Lee Fry, Veak & Zudakabass, Last Of The Wonder Kids, Sefar, Pocket Gods

  1. Flechettes – We Shall Find Out [Puffer Fish Press]
  2. Studio Gussie Edwards – Command Module Dub [Bandcamp]
  3. The Dolls Are Good – One Twenty Six [Muso Soup]
  4. Alright Mela – Sidi Taxi [MaAuLa Records]
  5. Kinoue64 -Overflowing [Bandcamp]
  6. The Margaret Hooligans – Hey Love [Muso Soup]
  7. Tomchilla & mexCalito – The Cave (Caballero Remix) [DigitalDiamonds]
  8. The Ringards – Touch Me [Muso Soup]
  9. Lee Fry – Imi Aye [Explorations In Dub]
  10. Veak & Zudakabass – Run The Track [Sound Rising Records]
  11. Last Of The Wonder Kids –  Running With Scissors [Puffer Fish Press]
  12. Sefar – Dawine [MaAuLa Records]
  13. Pocket Gods –  Perfect Blue [pcp#393 24th March 2012]

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