Ball and Chain… with tracks by…Ryan Shepherd, Hello Yes, partywithray, Opus Kink, Sir-Vere, The New Eves, Tribone, Flip Top Head, Booom Hornz, Jah Screechy, Temporal Sounds, Less Air, Unscored, Les Coureurs de Rempart, Igor Pumphonia

  1. Ryan Shepherd – The Smoke (Extended Mix) [Muso Soup]
  2. Hello Yes – Never Trusted Me (partywithray Remix) [Gravitas]
  3. Opus Kink – Chains [Bandcamp]
  4. Sir-Vere – Misophonia [Muso Soup]
  5. The New Eves – Mother [Bandcamp]
  6. Tribone – An Inch of Silence [Gravitas]
  7. Flip Top Head – Seventh Bell Number [YouTube]
  8. Booom Hornz – Time Machine (feat. Jah Screechy) [RDX Promo]
  9. Temporal Sounds – Vela [Weatnu Records]
  10. Less Air – Abyss – Club Mix [Bandcamp]
  11. Unscored – Heft [Musosoup]
  12. Les Coureurs de Rempart – Achète, travaille, élis ! [Jamendo]
  13. Igor Pumphonia – Freelove (Dub) [Jamendo]

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