Ambitious Diagnosis……with tracks by…Hollows, The Ready Mades, The Breathing Room, Codex Serafini, Kuunatic, Beat Syndrome, Silinder, Fran Bianco, Dany Z, Donnie Ozone, Faults, Ropes of Sand, NT, Jari, Remote Guest List, Bass and Delayer

  1. Hollows – The Floor [Puffer Fish Press]
  2. The Ready Mades – Diagnostique Ambitieux [RDX Promo]
  3. The Breathing Room – Daytrip [Muso Soup]
  4. Codex Serafini – Crawling Space [Bandcamp]
  5. Kuunatic – Dewbow [Bandcamp]
  6. Beat Syndrome – Tsunami (Silinder Night Mix) [Sound Avenue]
  7. Fran Bianco – Pattern Of Behaviour (Dany DZ Remix) [Forward Music]
  8. Donnie Ozone – Give Thanks [Blocsonic]
  9. Faults – Just Let it [Muso Soup]
  10. Ropes of Sand – Nothing Like You [EdisonBox Records]
  11. NT – A Shift In Tide [Dogmazic]
  12. Jari – Spirit Escape [Nenormalizm]
  13. Remote Guest List – Digital Sedative (Bass And Delayer Remix) [Noisybeat]

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