By The Lake……with tracks by…Morality Police, Sascha Müller, Thomas Meleteas, Tinman, Austen Showers, CODO, Rifhes, LINNΞH, Ehom, Wise Up, Looking Glass Alice, Dub Idren, I-niverse, JDFight, Arman

  1. Morality Police – Prisoner [La Bomba Recordings]
  2. Sascha Müller – High Contrast [Proper Cuts Recordings]
  3. Thomas Meleteas – Plexoudes [Muso Soup]
  4. Tinman – Lady By The Lake [Crafting Room Recordings]
  5. Austen Showers – Pickets [Soundcloud]
  6. CODO – Tirabuzon [Discos Macarras Records]
  7. Rifhes – Lost in the Forest [Techkilla]
  8. LINNΞH (feat. Ehom) – In the Air [MNMN]
  9. Wise Up – House Cat [Muso Soup]
  10. Looking Glass Alice – Spider [YouTube]
  11. Dub Idren (feat. I-niverse) – From The Dawn Of Creation [Dubophonic]
  12. JDFight – Anomalous Condition [Bandcamp]
  13. Arman – Afrokid [Muso Soup]

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