I’ve been involved with “hocbbyist” music podcasting for nearly two years now, and have dabbled with some internal podcasts for the “Citizenship” team, in Microsoft, where I work, since January 2007. But on December 14th we have a real revoution taking place, and we have a “Podcasting Day” in Microsoft’s UK offices at Thames Valley Park, Reading. This is promoting “Academy Mobile” the corporate, intranet, podcasting platform that we hope will revolutionize communications throughout the Corporation.

Unfortunately, you can’t see much of the content on the internet, because it’s intended for internal use and isn’t accesible outside the firewall, but you can get a taster, by watching this video, posted onto YouTube……

So on Dec 14th, we’ll be having lots of podcasting activities, with various podcasting setups (from small/cheap to large/expensive) plus a podcasting panel discussing the value and future of podcasting as we see it. On that panel will be myself, Tony Cocks (fellow Microsoftie and producer of the Binge Think History Podcast), Dave Coplin (fellow Microsoftie and producer of a couple of internal casts about strategy and technology) and John Buckley (Citizen Journalist and producer of the Citizen Scoop podcast, among others).

I’m hoping to record some audio that I can use on the internet. If that’s the case then these will appear in PC Podcast, amongst the music (as usual).

More updates as they come along. Should be interesting.