1. Chariots Of Dub, by Stevie Steppa. California, USA. [Versionist]
  2. Artwell’s Dub, by Juan Frenti. London, England. [Versionist]
  3. Concrete Jungle (Uprising Dux X), by Sensistar. Germany. [Versionist]
  4. Back To Wondering (12″ mix), by The Dub Dragoon. Chicago, USA. [Versionist]
  5. Poorman Dub (Take 1), by Dream Riddim Investigators (a.k.a. Fried Wire). Sacramento, California, USA. [Versionist]
  6. Born In A Rainbow (Real Rock Riddim), by Jah Slave meets The Uplifters. [Versionist]
  7. Resistance Is A Must, by Jah Billah meets Dub Shahid. Irie Dub Town, Nauru. [Versionist]
  8. Pandemonium Piece. by Uffe. Sweden. [Versionist]

All the artists featured on this podcast have given permission for me to play their work, either because the pieces have been downloaded from the Podsafe Music Network, Magnatune, IODA Promonet, through Creative Commons Licenses, through their record label, or directly via email.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike2.5 License.