Pete Cogle

So you’ve just landed on this page and you’re wondering “who the hell is this Pete Cogle bloke?

Well he’s probably best known as being a podcaster. His first podcast PC Podcast, started in January 2006 ad has been going (with a couple of minor stoppages) ever since. His second podcast The Dub Zone, started in May 2007 and has been going ever since.

Other podcasts he has been involved with have come and gone …. The Dub Step Zone,  The Hip-Hop-Zone, pcp{2},   as well as AMPED New Music Weekly and Made In The UK Show.

Outside of podcasting he’s just a normal bloke really:  husband & father of a son and daughter. Although originally trained as a geophysicist, he moved into IT and has worked for a couple of big software houses.

He’s never worked in Campus Radio or Hospital Radio and has only just started streaming his PC Podcast live at in 2021. He’s never been a DJ (although he’d like to give it a try) and although he dabbles with playing the guitar and the drums, he’s never been in a band.

He started podcasting because he’s always liked great music and sharing it with his friends. If he’s in any doubt whether or not he should play a track he asks himself “what would John Peel do?“. This, invariably means the track gets played, whether it’s in a foreign language or just plain weird. He’s sure John Peel’s up there nodding in approval.

He’s met a lot of good mates through podcasting. If you like what he does then drop him a line at, or follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TickTock, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Hearthis.At, or YouTube.