Are you having problems with my PC Podcast feed?  My old mate "The Grumbler" is. It seems my old friends at Mevio have, once again, "changed something" (oh now we haven’t…… of yes you have!) and some of you will be getting twice the downloads, especially if your iTunes is set "to download all" the episodes of a podcast.

If this is you, I’m truly sorry. I’ve lost at least one listener before because of this issue and I’ve told Mevio before, but they have done…… NOTHING. Am I pissed off with them? YES!  Altogether a Meviocre performance (thanks again to Paul for that excellent new word).

Please help me to help them understand. if you have this issue, please drop me an email at and (if possible) send me a screenshot of iTunes/Juice etc, so they can see the problem. Normally I can see the problem myself, but today I cannot.

And now…. the rest of my long weekend can commence!