Harry Potter And The Pasta Bake

Ever had one of those dreams where you wake up and you think "what was all that about?".  Well last night was one of those, involving Harry Potter in my house (probably doubling up for Hogwarts), various gorey battles with deamons and (this is the strange part) a cheesy pasta bake. Now I know some of the stuff I cook is a bit scary sometimes, but does a cheesy pasta bake really conjour up a vision of danger for the wizzarding world?

I do think that old J.K. should come back with an eigth novel in the series. My personal preference would be "Harry Potter And The Mid-Life Crisis", in which Harry, now pushing 50 and a veritable couch potato, takes up strange new hobbies (such as podcasting), goes off to gigs and laments the loss of his hair. Now that’s a plot I can relate to!