PCP#348… Enough Is Enough! …

with tracks by…  KaeoFLUX, Yemen Blues, Pilgrm Speakeasy, Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys, Julie Moffatt, Mr Moods, The Easton Ellises, Rolemusic, Nasienie, UMM. Amitron 7.

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  1. Aristokratia, by KaeoFLUX. Brooklyn, New York, USA.  [Promonet]

“Aristokratia” (mp3)
from “Form”
(Marathon of Dope)

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More On This Album

This week’s featured Netlabel is Enough Records and PS has selected the following great tracks.

Bedding music by Kaya ProjectDaizy, Mystified, PS, Sick To The Back Teeth & Sputnic.

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