Octarine Time (Netlabel Day Special #1)…with tracks by… No Human, Los Mostachos, Luksusowy Seba, Mefedronowy Baron, Madoka, Distilled Logic, False Sir Nicholas, La Ragazzina dai Capelli Rossi, Ickoo, U-235.

On July 14, every single netlabel around the world is invited to join us in the first Netlabel Day ever. Find out more at http://netlabelday.blogspot.co.uk

  1. Systematic, by No Human. Madrid, Spain. [Soisloscerdos]
  2. Where the Words Come From, by Los Mostachos. Buenos Aires, Angentina.  [Estampita]
  3. Hajs (feat. Luksusowy Seba), by Mefedronowy Baron. Poland. [Cowshed]
  4. Explore, by Madoka. Japan. [Label Netlabel]
  5. Bio Machine One, by Distilled Logic. Worthing, England. [Pilot Eleven]
  6. Octarine Pathways, by False Sir Nicholas. Filomena Island, Chile. [Pakapi]
  7. Anzi per scherzo, by La Ragazzina dai Capelli Rossi. Bologna, Italy. [Diavoletto]
  8. Reykjavik, by Hungria. Buenos Airis, Argentina. [TZKATZ]
  9. Noncompliant: The Kelly Thomas Murder, by Ickoo. Huntington Beach, USA. [Briokids]
  10. Aeon-307 (Damaged, Mutated and Evolved), by U-235. [Chillproductions]

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