PCP#402… Beards and Bronze Elephants…

Beards and Bronze Elephants…with tracks by…The Clouds, Wen, Miro Belle, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Dorian, Elenika, Illbilly HiTec, Niyaz,The Neighborhood, Sardinia Bass Legalize.

PCP#402… Beards and Bronze Elephants…2018-04-20T12:45:42+00:00

PCP#401… The Recovery Position…

The Recovery Position…with tracks by… Box Of Brats, Sexy Sushi, Urban Cone., Jah Slave, El Bib, Jackson Firebird, Celestial, Thousand Yard Prayer, Rafael Aragon, Dj Otto,  K.Kostov, The Robbie Boyd Band, Johnny T

PCP#401… The Recovery Position…2018-04-20T12:45:42+00:00

H2Z#16… Rediscovering…

Rediscovering…With tracks by… Ten Years Coming, Lost Soul Refuge, Qrro, Paurini, Cutty Ranks, Evil Minds, Mic Mac, Mouth Warren, Wonder Brown, QualooD.

H2Z#16… Rediscovering…2018-04-20T12:45:42+00:00

The YouTube Zone

One of the strong recommendations from The Great Escape conference sessions last week was that music podcasts should be uploaded to YouTube, because it’s the second biggest search engine, after Google.  So I’m experimenting with a couple of episodes of DSZ, TDZ and H2Z.  Check them out and please tell me what you think!

The YouTube Zone2016-10-14T09:27:01+00:00

Nordic Giants On The March

Checkout this video from Bighton-based duo, Nordic Giants. I saw them at The Great Escape Festival and I want to see them again soon.  The video tells a bit of the band’s story, but you really need to see them live to fully appreciate the concept.

Nordic Giants On The March2016-10-14T09:27:01+00:00

PCP#400… That’s Nice…

That’s Nice…with tracks by… Spoek Mathambo, Natty, Agent Side Grinder, The Town Heroes, Nordic Giants, Inland Sea, Jackson Firebird, Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers.
This week, Codger, Clithers, Grumbler and Justin Wayne were all at the Great Escape Festival.
  1. Let Them Talk, by Spoek Mathambo. Johannesburg, South Africa.
  2. More, by The Town Heroes. Halifax. Nova Scotia, Canada.
  3. Dead Man’s Left, by Inland Sea . Brisbane, Australia.
  4. 411 Positrac, by Jackson Firebird. Mildura, Northern Victoria, Australia.
  5. Conduit, by Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers. Halifax. Nova Scotia, Canada.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License .


PCP#400… That’s Nice…2022-09-28T15:22:57+00:00

PCP#400 will be on Sunday!

PCP#400 will be a day late, ‘cos, Grumbler, Clithers, Justin Wayne and I (and I) are having such a good time at The Great Escape. More music and incoherent ramblings will follow in due course!

PCP#400 will be on Sunday!2012-05-11T07:30:16+00:00

TDZ#123… Melodica Madness…

Melodica Madness…With tracks by… Phoniandflore, Dr. Remix, Kanka, Mastermind XS, Raggattack, The Dub Oracle, Dubsynaticx, Webcam Hi-Fi.

TDZ#123… Melodica Madness…2018-04-20T12:45:42+00:00

…and then two at once!

Like waiting for a bus, it’s all or nothing.  Today, two arrive at once.  There are two new EPs from Angel Dust Records and Broken Drum Records, both labels close to my heart, for obvious reasons!

Various Artists – Melodica Time, is a 4-track EP featuring some heavy stepper dub action from 4 of the best dubbists from the French online dub community. The first release from Angel Dust Records since the end of 2011. Good to see them back!

Thousand Yard Prayer – World Without End, is a 4-track EP from another of the alter-egos of the Secret Archives of the Vatican crew, over at Broken Drum Records. Hot on the heels of his 2002 release (!)  Sympathy for Hosea, Thousand Yard Prayer gives us another 4-tracks of Transglobal Breakbeat Dub Science. Magic!

…and then two at once!2018-04-20T12:45:43+00:00

PCP#399… The Space…

The Space…with tracks by… Louis Lingg and The Bombs, Zieti, The Neighborhood, Dreadzone, Banco de Gaia, Batard Tronique, Roughquest, 99ers, Calibre, TRI-BAL, T.E.E.D, Occidental Gypsy, Karsh Kale’s, Janaka Selekta.

PCP#399… The Space…2018-04-20T12:45:43+00:00

John Peel’s Record Archive goes live

If you’ve not already spotted, the first albums from John Peel’s amazing record collection has gone live at The Space. It’s obviously goiung to take a long time to get all of the all of the 26,000 LP’s, 40,000 singles and many thousands of CDs digitised and uploaded to the site, but the process has started, and we think that’s fantastic.

Head over to checkout some of the goodies already uploaded. I’ll be spending the day there whilst I’m working. See if you can see me!

John Peel’s Record Archive goes live2018-04-20T12:45:43+00:00

DSZ#49… Dubstepped…

DSZ#49… Dubstepped…WithTracks by…  Vlastur, Bandulu Dub, Liquid Stranger, Los Brazoz Gigantos, Celt Islam, Darj, Digid, Nit Grit, Project Static, EXP.

Checkout the excellent artwork (above) created by Tom Hoyle at his Google+ site.

Let’s make DSZ#50 crowdsourced!  Send me your favourite track from a DSZ episode and I’ll put in into a DSZ Mega Mix next month. pete.cogle@gmail.com

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

DSZ#49… Dubstepped…2018-04-20T12:45:43+00:00

DSZ#50 Crowdsourcing Request!

The Dub Step Zone is approaching it’s 50th episode. Since starting in January 2009 I’ve played some fantastic tracks and get lots of downloads and listeners. A big thank you to all of you, and to all the artists that have made their tracks available via Creative Commons or other means. That’s what makes the show great.

I want to make episode 50 a crowdsourced episode. If there’s a track that you’ve loved in the last 49 episodes that you’d like to hear again in a DSZ Mega Mix then please drop me an email at pete.cogle@gmail.com and tell me which track you think should make the cut. Or just drop me a comment at petecogle.com.

DSZ#50 Crowdsourcing Request!2018-04-20T12:45:43+00:00
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