DSZ#88… Time To Die…..

Time To Die… the last ever Dub Step Zone .. with tracks by… DJ Shiro, NiT GriT, Quaro, Speciez, Secret Archives of the Vatican, ZaZeN, Korus, Spankbass, Master Bassers, Block Dodger, MC Nuclear, Snareophobe, Eva Lazarus, Lil’ Rhys, Xenofish, Dubvirus, Digital Nottich, Thousand Yard Prayer, Kappasaur, Digital Tribe, Jean Paul Dub, Savaprod, Liquid Stranger, Glebstar, Sparxy, ID, Krease, ill-Esha, Uri Green meets Adria Canet, Shu, Celt Islam.

  1. 00:00:00  Circumpolar Star, by DJ Shiro. Los Angeles, USA. [Soundcloud] (dsz#69)
  2. 00:03:44  Lupin, by NiT GriT San Jose, USA. [Soundcloud] (dsz#66)
  3. 00:08:16  Summon, by Quaro. Italy. [Free Music Archive] (dsz#84)
  4. 00:13:08  Amal, by Speciez. Heidelberg, Germany. [SubBass] (dsz#53)
  5. 00:17:16  Koozebanian Attack Fleet, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. [Broken Drum Records] (dsz#55)
  6. 00:22:57  World At War (Dubstep Remix), by ZaZeN. Riom, France. [Fresh Poulp] (dsz#52)
  7. 00:27:42  Furian (Format Remix), by Korus. Coventry, England. [Soundcloud] [Royal Bass Records] (dsz#54)
  8. 00:33:02  Bad News, by Spankbass. Paris, France. [Art-Ak] (dsz#57)
  9. 00:36:53  The Warning, by Master Bassers. Los Angeles, California, USA. [Soundcloud] (dsz#59)
  10. 00:43:23  Mothership (feat. Nuclear) by Block Dodger. London, England. [DrumNBass.net] (dsz#64)
  11. 00:49:49  Diamonds in the Dirt (Featuring Eva Lazarus & Lil’ Rhys), by Snareophobe.  Bristol, England. [Gravitas] (dsz#65)
  12. 00:54:55  Discharge, by Xenofish. Germany. [Ektoplazm] (dsz#63)
  13. 01:00:58  Lovesick, by Dubvirus. Boulder, USA. [Gravitas] (dsz#86)
  14. 01:04:59  Gorest, by Digital Nottich. Bulgaria. [SubBass] (dsz#75)
  15. 01:11:04  City of Seven Saints (Cronx Electronica Remix), by Thousand Yard Prayer. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records] (dsz#70)
  16. 01:15:39  Steppah, by Kappasaur. Bologna, Italy. [Noisybeat] (dsz#83)
  17. 01:20:17  Digital Tribe, by Alive. South London, England. [Dubtribu Records] (dsz#78)
  18. 01:24:24  New Step, by Jean Paul Dub. France. [Vaticaen] (dsz#82)
  19. 01:27:51  Musical Brain, by Savaprod. Ukraine. [Jamendo] (dsz#76)
  20. 01:32:03  Make It Bang, by Liquid Stranger. Scottsdale, USA. [Soundcloud] (dsz#51)
  21. 01:37:06  Willy Wonka, by Glebstar. Amsterdam, Netherlands. [Soundcloud] [Royal Bass Records] (dsz#54)
  22. 01:40:45  Man On Fire, by Sparxy & Intelligent Delinquent. [FKOF] (dsz#60)
  23. 01:46:16  R U Watching Closeley, by Krease. Birmingham, England. [Dubtribu Records] (dsz#79)
  24. 01:51:17  Lighthouse (Instrumental), by ill-esha. Denver, USA. [Gravitas] (dsz#73)
  25. 01:56:03  PoP De Formigo (Concrete Octopus), by Uri Green meets Adrià Canet. Barcelona, Catalonia. [Earth City Recordz] (dsz#65)
  26. 01:59:51  Shubacca, by Shu. Germany. [SUBBASS] (dsz#60)
  27. 02:06:14  Hadra (Electro Fakir Mix), by Celt Islam. Manchester, England. [Earth City Recordz] (dsz#61)

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DSZ#50… Go Mad Mega Mix…

Another chance to hear DSZ#50 from June 2012, as a precursor to DSZ#88, the last ever Dub Step Zone…….

Go Mad Mega Mix…WithTracks by…   Celt Islam, Dawoud Kringle, 303db, Myrkur, Liquid Stranger, Dawn Tawn Prince, Mimosa, Tafuri, The Secret Lemon Project, Sativa Soul, Victor Niglio, Fleck, Pisu, Wadadda, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Killahurtz, AltaZer, David Eats Rusty Nails, U-Stone, Awolnation, B1t Crunch3r & Adapt, Vampire TNA, Jack Orion, Ras Om, Photophob, wAgAwAgA, Adam Kroll,  Zeno, King SlaFF, Blake, Blackleg, DocumentOne Dubstep, Zoom, Nit Grit.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

DSZ#50… Go Mad Mega Mix…2018-04-20T12:44:36+00:00

TDZ#160… Cosmic Dub…..

Cosmic Dub .. with tracks by… Art-X, Massve Dub Coporation, Spcz, Manwell T, Hypnotix, Studio Bubny, PlusStepper, Michael Melody, Peter Chaves, Pidato, Radadub.

TDZ#160… Cosmic Dub…..2018-04-20T12:44:37+00:00

DSZ#87… Fractal Dub…

Fractal Dub…with tracks by….EH!DE, Soltan, U-Stone, Dziga, Sugar Crush, Mochipet, Galaxian, Side Project, The Dubbstyle.

DSZ#87… Fractal Dub…2018-04-20T12:44:37+00:00

DSZ#88 will be the last Dub Step Zone

Hi folks. As mentioned before, I’m having difficulty sourcing some of the best dubstep on the planet for DSZ.  So much of the sound is now going “post-dubstep” with vocal links and “trappy” beats which leave me cold.

I’ve just recorded DSZ#87 with what good stuff I have left, but I’ve decided to go out with a big bang in September. DSZ#88 will be the last podcast.

If you’ve got any favouriter tracks you want me to include in the mix then drop me a line at pete.cogle@gmail.com.


DSZ#88 will be the last Dub Step Zone2015-08-04T13:53:47+00:00
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