The Tuts

The Tuts 📷: Ian Bourn

When you go to a product website you expect to see products on sale, right?  Socks, food, cameras.  That’s why you go there, to look and to buy.

So why do so many of the The Great Escape artist and band websites have no music on them? If I want to go to your website, your facebook, twitter or instagram page I want to hear some music, see a YouTube video or something that tells me what you’re going to be like live.  It’s not that hard to do either.

So why is that peeps? Where’s the person that should be doing this? Where’s the manager or the label rep when you need them? Get on with it.

If you want a job done then get do it yourselves. That’s what upcoming bands The Tuts are doing. Lots of piccies and video snippets on Facebook and Twitter and music on Bandcamp. They even have their own Wikipedia age.  And now they’re supporting The Specials!!

Come on you TGE bands. Get your arses in gear and get your music out there. And of rant.