PCP#778… Viking Boogie…

Viking Boogie….with tracks by… The Disco Viking, Tracie Frank, Stonefaced Priest, Hugo Bionics, Jobless, Portron Portron Lopez, Lars Behrenroth, CodesAndNotes, Caballero, Kleiman, Leopold Nunan,  Sonia Santos, Ana Gazzola, Karan Rasteririnha, Mackenzie La Fuerza, Mercy Kelly, Rox, Nostra, Subatomic Sound, Don Husky

  1. The Disco Viking – Boogie (feat. Tracie Frank) [Jamendo]
  2. Stonefaced Priest – The Plan [Jamendo]
  3. Hugo Bionics – 19 Colours [Digital Distortions]
  4. Jobless – Life in Boxes [Bandcamp]
  5. Portron Portron Lopez – Comment Vas-Tu Rossignol [Do It Youssef!]
  6. Lars Behrenroth – Perspective [Deeper Shades Recordings]
  7. Codes&Notes – VP [Codes In Notes]
  8. Caballero – Wake Up This Is Not A Dream (Kleiman Remix) [Digital Diamonds]
  9. Leopold Nunan – Quem é teu baby (feat. Sonia Santos and Ana Gazzola) (Karan Rasteririnha Remix) [Lationo Resiste]
  10. Mackenzie La Fuerza – Una Noche [Jamendo]
  11. Mercy Kelly – Fever [Puffer Fish Press]
  12. Rox – Fiert‚ de nos ville (feat. Nostra) [Basspistol]
  13. Subatomic Sound – No Bloodshed (feat. Don Husky) [RDX Promo]

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TDZ#226… Dub Signal…..

Dub Signal… with tracks by… Eole Dub, B. Davis, Boom One Soundsystem, Injham, Art-X, Kanka, Blanc du Blanc, Ras K’mille,  Dub Traveller, Aki Mittoo, Dub Cmd, Soul Fire.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

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TDZ#220… Gotta Dub ’em All…..

Gotta Dub ’em All… with tracks by ….Weak Size Fish, Dub Cmd , Sister Maki, Mokeo, Hairl Dub, Bombo Rockers Crew, Bissoman, I Neurologici, Zun Zon, Captain Maxx, Morc in Dub.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#220… Gotta Dub ’em All…..2020-04-23T10:25:28+00:00

PCP#640… Altered States….

Altered States… an exploration of ambient and minimalist music… with tracks by… Angelina Lambrikht, Fahmi Mursyid, Bing Satellites, Ethereal Ephemera, Lee Rosevere, Rangga Purnama Aji, Chris Zabriskie, Cousin Silas, Kevin Lyons.

  1. Park II, by Angelina Lambrikht & Fahmi Mursyid. Berlin, Germany / Indonesia. [Park]
  2. New Year’s Eve 2012 concert live (Ambient World version), by Bing Satellites. Manchester, England. [The Ambient World of Bing Satellites, Volume Four : 2013]
  3. Slowly Drifting Across the Horizon I, by Ethereal Ephemera. Manchester, England. [Slowly Drifting Across the Horizon]
  4. Sepia Dawn, by Lee Rosevere. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. [Music To Wake Up To]
  5. Nocturnal, by Rangga Purnama Aji. Sewon, Indonesia. [Earthlings]
  6. Everyone Will Notice, No One Will Say Anything, by Chris Zabriskie. Orlando, Florida, USA. [I Made This While You Were Asleep]
  7. Cornelius in Delhi, by Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons. Motherwell, Scotland. [11 Tales of Space and Intrigue]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

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Fall Induction Hour…..

If, like me, you never liked the Fall when you were younger, but started to appreciate their music later in life then here’s my 16-track mix to get you started.Available only on Mixcloud.

  • 00:00:00  Touch Sensitive, The Marshall Suite
  • 00:03:06  Just Step S’ways , Hex Enduction Hour
  • 00:06:25  The Birmingham School Of Business School, Code Selfish
  • 00:12:43  Behind The Counter, Middle Class Revolt
  • 00:15:50  Totally Wired, Grotesque After The Gramme
  • 00:19:13  Barmy, This Nation’s Saving Grace
  • 00:24:31  Rowche Rumble, Dragnet
  • 00:28:29  Hey! Student, Middle Class Revolt
  • 00:32:54  Psycho Mafia, Live at the Witch Trials
  • 00:35:04  Telephone Thing, Extricate
  • 00:39:02  The Joke, Cerebral Caustic
  • 00:41:44  Blindness, Fall Heads Roll
  • 00:49:01  Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul, Slates
  • 00:59:09  The Man Whose Head Expanded, Perverted by Language
  • 00:56:23  Lay of The Land, The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall
  • 01:00:53  Wolf Kidult Man, Imperial Wax Solvent
Fall Induction Hour…..2018-03-09T13:56:14+00:00

TDZ#182… Long Distance Dub…..

Long Distance Dub….with tracks by ….. DIY Sound, Natto Reborn, Bass Culture Players, PlusStepper, Vibronics, Irie Ilodica, Thriakis Dub Destroyer, Roots Zombie, Full Dub.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#182… Long Distance Dub…..2017-04-28T08:15:23+00:00

PCP#475… The Best Things In Life Are Free…..

The Best Things In Life Are Free… with tracks by… Trickform, Glass Caves, Taiwan MC, Metastaz, Pilgrim Speakeasy, Iggy Pop, Gruppo Ics, Halo Svevo, Itchy-O Marching Band, Paulo Padilha, AMB, Red Technician, Neuroleptic Trio, JazzDeGround.

PCP#475... The Best Things In Life Are Free.....
[suffusion-widgets id=’1′]
  1. Yunari, by Trickform. Leipzig, Germany. [Sleepy City]
  2. Go, by Glass Caves. Leeds, England. [Viaduct Promotions]
  3. S.O.A.P (’97 Style Remix), by Taiwan MC. Paris, France. [Chinese Man Records]
  4. The Chinese Man, by Metastaz. Lyon, France. [FMA]
  5. Overkilled, by Pilgrim Speakeasy. Finland.
  6. Part of the John Peel lecture 2014, by Iggy Pop.
  7. Piano Dub, by Gruppo Ics. Italy. [Strato Dischi]
  8. Linie Sieben, by Halo Svevo. Sound Interpretation from Berlin. [HAZE]
  9. Dance Of The Anunnaki, by Itchy-O Marching Band. Denver, USA.
  10. Prepaid Holy Father, by Paulo Padilha. Brazil. [StoryAmp]
  11. Night Slide, by AMB. Hungary. [Gravitas]
  12. Diffusing (Following Encounter Mix), by Red Technician. British Columbia, Canada.
  13. AntigonaIsmene Variations 2, by Neuroleptic Trio. Subotica, Serbia. [FMA]
  14. Not My Day, by JazzDeGround. Belarus. [HAZE]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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Here’s to 2014, my 8th year of podcasting!

Download Stats 2009-2013Being a scientist by training, I love numbers, and how data can become information. I’ve been collecting download stats of all the podcasts I do since I started in January 2006. I’ve been displaying these here on my website since 2009.

It’s sad to say that my podcasts are not quite as popular as they used to be. After I won the European Podcast of the Year Award at the end of 2010, there was a massive increase in downloads during 2011 with a total of 1.8 millions downloads. This has now dropped back to 1.3 million in 2012 and to 747,000 in 2013.

I’m not sure of all the reasons why this has happened. Perhaps there is more choice nowadays, perhaps my musical tastes are not reflecting the “latest genre” as they were in 2009 when the Dub Step Zone started and Dubstep was still somewhat underground. Perhaps the ubiquitous “dubstep drop” featuring in more pop-oriented tracks has diluted the dubstep genre.

Either way, I always reflect at this time of year on WHY I do podcasting. Essentially the reason is still the same. It’s my hobby and I love doing it. I like to help share excellent new music and I have the audacity to think I’m a taste maker, rather than a taste follower. I have a small number of dedicated listeners and a number of musicians and netlabelists that I now call friends, either physically or virtually, and that’s been good for me.

So here’s to 2014. My 8th year in podcasting and one that is bound to be full of weird and wonderful new music. Bring it on!

Here’s to 2014, my 8th year of podcasting!2022-11-20T11:09:45+00:00

TDZ now playing via the Cyprus Dub Community

Big thanks to Savvas Dub Thomas over at the Cyprus Dub Community. who is nowgoing to broadcast some selected Dub Zone episodes online via http://cyprusdubradio.caster.fm/

Here’s the schedule for this weekend……. times are GMT+2….

Schedule for Saturday 12/1/1
19:00 The Rare Joints selection – Cool & loving
20:00 The Incredible Dub Machine – East Meets West
21:00 The Dub Zone – Outerspace Dub
21:30 Anna Mystik – UK Roots, Dub, Steppers
22:30 United Nations of Dub – I-mitri Selection

Schedule for Sunday 13/1/13
20:00 Outernational Show with Haji Mike
21:00 Roots vibrations from Roots Crew Sound
22:00 Direct from House of Dread – Tribute to King Earthquake

TDZ now playing via the Cyprus Dub Community2018-04-20T12:45:28+00:00

Zumbathon Appeal

Zumbathon Appeal

Please sponsor me for this great charity. I’m doing 9 hours zumba overnight Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th September as part of a world record breaking 36.5 hour single zumba class.  If you’ve liked my FREE podcasts at any time over the past 6 years then this could be your way of saying thank you to the artists who provided the music!

Zumbathon Appeal2018-04-20T12:45:33+00:00

January’s Occasional Mix….

My January 2012 episode of occasional mixes is now available via Mixcloud, or here……

If the Mayan’s did get it right, then let’s just enjoy the party!

You can now find the whole series of Cloudcasts here.


January’s Occasional Mix….2018-04-20T12:45:50+00:00
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