PCP#312… Zu Heiß Zu Handhaben …

with tracks by… The Dumbettes, DJ Delay, Dunkelbunt, Television Personalities, Dubmatix, Natty, Bridget Wishard, Hola One & Poras, Aruba Red, Sparrow, Dimitry Liss.

[wpaudio url=https://m.podshow.com/media/2585/episodes/235474/pcpodcast-235474-06-12-2010.mp3 text= “PCP#311”]
  1. Dumb Head, by The Dumbettes.   [Promonet]
  2. Kebab Connection (DJ Delay Ninja Mix), by Dunkelbunt. Berlin, Germany / Vienna, Austria.
  3. A Memory Is Better Than Nothing, by Television Personalities. London, England.  [Promonet]
  4. Sun Is Rising, by Dubmatix. Toronto, Canada. [Dubmatix.com]
  5. Interview with Natty.
  6. Street Lights, by Natty. London, England. [Pledge Music]
  7. Lost Touch (feat. Bridget Wishard), by Hola One & Poras.  Gdansk, Poland / Seixal Portugal. [AudioTong]
  8. 42 Days, by Aruba Red. London, England.
  9. Sometimes, by Sparrow. Brighton, England.
  10. Summertime, by Dimitry Liss. United Arab Emirates. [Promonet]

Before The BeginningDimitry Liss
“Summertime” (mp3)
from “Before The Beginning”
(Sweetleaf Recordings)

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A Memory Is Better Than NothingTelevision Personalities
“A Memory Is Better Than Nothing” (mp3)
from “A Memory Is Better Than Nothing”
(Rocket Girl)

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Dumb Head / There's Someone at the Window - SingleThe Dumbettes
“Dumb Head” (mp3)
from “Dumb Head / There’s Someone at the Window – Single”
(SL Records)

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