PCP#783… The Old Grey Whisper Test…

The Old Grey Whisper Test…with tracks by… Ha Subliminal, Deemster, Dezarie, Marshall Neeko, Buncheong, KMalectro, Dua Semi Colcheias Invertidas,Boddhi Satva and Rise Ashen, Brioskj, Tsunamiz, Popiq, MickyB & Arky Starch, Crazy Town, Keresztes, Arabia Saudade

  1. Ha Subliminal – Reel In [Muso Soup]
  2. Deemster – Johnny Was A Surfer [Bandcamp]
  3. Dezarie – Gracious Mama Africa (Marshall Neeko Remix) [Bandcamp]
  4. Buncheong – Chardonnerets [La Souterraine]
  5. KMalectro – Chez Moi [Muso Soup]
  6. Dua Semi Colcheias Invertidas (Two Inverted Sixteenth Notes) – The Rincón Pío Sound [Lepers Produtcions]
  7. Boddhi Satva and Rise Ashen – Universality [Fat Drop]
  8. Brioskj – Afterlife [Khavi]
  9. Tsunamiz – Magickal Seeds [Muso Soup]
  10. Popiq – Alt [Inunct]
  11. MickyB & Arky Starch – Running
  12. Crazy Town – Butterfly (Keresztes Edit) [Inunct Music]
  13. Arabia Saudade – Chile [Lepers Produtcions]

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