PCP#627… Stasis….

Stasis…with tracks by… Monsters & Men, Del Ritmo Vivo, Dives, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Dan Konopka, A Human Expressing Experience, HabooDubz, Astral Robot, Pierre The Motionless, Wasaru, Prabumi, Royal Air Moon, Dualist Inquiry, Enrico Falbo, Hydro Fyter.

  1. The Flood, by Monsters & Men. [telematiQ netlabel]
  2. Coral, by Del Ritmo Vivo. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Shika Shika]
  3. Upwards, by Dives. Vienna, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
  4. Prayer is Better Than Sleep, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  5. Late Night Beats (with Dan Konopka), by A Human Expressing Experience. Los Angeles, California, USA. [Bandcamp]
  6. The Slug, by HabooDubz. Budapest, Hungary. [Culture Dub Records]
  7. When The Rain Falls They Talk of Manchester, by Astral Robot. Mancheaster,s England. [NU Logic]
  8. Tokyo’s Night View (Pierre The Motionless Remix), by Wasaru. Lille, France. [The French Touch Production]
  9. Nafas, by Prabumi. Jakarta, Indonesia. [Shika Shika]
  10. Meduses De Glace, by Royal Air Moon. Nantes, France. [The French Touch Production]
  11. Echo Park, by Dualist Inquiry. New Delhi, India.[Bandcamp]
  12. Psychostasis, by Enrico Falbo. San Francisco, California. [Vulpiano Records]
  13. Deep Evergreen, by Hydro Fyter. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. [Bandcamp]

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PCP#513… Bubble

Bubble….with tracks by … Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble, Dualist Inquiry, Ladproject, Kora, Portchistot, Eljuri, Upgrade and Bubble, Zomba Prison Project, 2099, LukHash, Tiburk.

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PCP#473… Peace Not War!…..

Peace Not War… with tracks by… The Beggars, Hustlers Brass Band, ArtJumper, Red Technician, Dualist Inquiry,Kl-utu, Filmloom, Opaeq, Haji Mike, Alic, Inhale Ashes, Kronstudios, Relic Secure, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Sonido Baylando, Master Bassers.

PCP#473... Peace Not War!.....
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PCP#473... Peace Not War!.....

  1. FRK (Make Up & Dancing Shoes), by The Beggars. Detroit, USA. [StoryAmp]
  2. The Second Line, by Hustlers Brass Band. Houston, USA. [StoryAmp]
  3. Fall Into the Sky, by ArtJumper. Kiev, Ukraine. [Geometry Recordings]
  4. Quiet Above, by Red Technician. Canada. [Bandcamp]
  5. Departure, by Dualist Inquiry. New Delhi, India. [Bandcamp]
  6. Wafu Snafu, by Kl-utu. Manchester, England. [Broken Bubble]
  7. Otherworlds, by Filmloom. Grand Rapids, USA. [Bandcamp]
  8. Sun Dial, by Opaeq. Manchester, England. [Kahvi]
  9. Dead Politiks, by Haji Mike. Nicosia, Cyprus. [Dubophoic]  [Dubkey]
  10. In The Heat Of Delight, by Alic. Berlin/Frieburg, Germany. [Digital Diamonds]
  11. Hypnophobia, by Inhale Ashes. [Memory Format]
  12. Volume, by Kronstudios. Seattle, USA. [Bandcamp]
  13. Tell Dem Again, by Relic Secure plus Jahdan Blakkamoore & Sonido Baylando. Oakland, USA.
  14. The Warning, by Master Bassers. Los Angeles, USA. [Bandcamp]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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PCP#448… Box Of Delights…!

Box Of Delights… With Tracks By… Dualist Inquiry, The Alamo, Neurosignal, Mauri Candussi, SonicCube, PierrotheMoon, Tenor Fly, Dubmatix, SJ Mellia, Louis Lingg and the Bombs, The Union Pacific, Tribal Soup, Coins, Grunemusik, Cosmosman.

PCP#448... Box Of Delights...!
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  1. Doppelganger, by Dualist Inquiry. India.  [Bandcamp]
  2. 24 Memories, by The Alamo. Australia. [Bandcamp]
  3. Impulse, by Neurosignal. Helsinki, Finland. [Bandcamp]
  4. Ship, by Mauri Candussi. Córdoba, Spain. [Bandcamp]
  5. Ambient Dub, by SonicCube.  Switzerland.
  6. Deep ‘n’ Dub, by PierrotheMoon. Germany. [Bandcamp]
  7. Show Down (feat. Tenor Fly) (BassBin Remix), by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  8. FluffSkull (Tech Mix), by SJ Mellia. UK. [Black Lantern]
  9. No One’s Illegal (live), by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris. France. [Bandcamp]
  10. Changing Of The Guard, by The Union Pacific. Australia. [Bandcamp]
  11. Rasa, by Tribal Soup. Florida, USA. [Bandcamp]
  12. Volt Renfrew, by Coins. Toronto, Canada. [Bandcamp]
  13. Lost Red Canal City, by Grünemusik. Germany. [Jamendo]
  14. Radio, by Cosmosman. Hachinohe, Japan. [Bandcamp]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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