PCP#816… Magical Sunrise…

Magical Sunrise……with tracks by…Bon Enfant, Gaudi, Dreadzone, Earl 16, Napz, Gasper Nali, Melo-T x Rise Ashen, Sound Process, Pole Folder, Ash Walker, Dubmatix, Sqz Me, Vinich & Alexey Kosenko, Zengineers, Fukushima Dolphin, Michael Mountain, Solana, Luke Seymoup, Junglinskiy

  1. Bon Enfant – Magie [Bandcamp]
  2. Gaudi & Dreadzone feat Earl 16 – Boundary (Gaudi Remix) [Explorations in Dub] [Dubmission Records]
  3. Napz – Peka Dub [Bandcamp]
  4. Gasper Nali – Abale Ndikuwuzeni [Bandcamp]
  5. Melo-T x Rise Ashen – Balafon Sunrise [Fat Drop]
  6. Sound Process – The Unthinkable (Pole Folder Remix) [Forward Music]
  7. Ash Walker – Babylonian Triangle of Captivity [RDX Promo]
  8. Dubmatix – Deep Roots (Horn Version) [RDX Promo]
  9. Sqz Me – The Walls (Vinich & Alexey Kosenko Remix) [Retrospective 2015]
  10. Zengineers – The Fusion [Retrospective 2008]
  11. Fukushima Dolphin – The Ski Slope [YouTube]
  12. Michael Mountain – Nowhere Else To Go [Bandcamp]
  13. Solana – Speedwell Kopanitsa [Ziklibrenbib]
  14. Luke Seymoup – Having A Bad Time, Having A Ball [StoryAmp]
  15. Junglinskiy – Love Time [Suck Puck Records]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#816… Magical Sunrise…2023-10-26T08:03:42+00:00

TDZ#265… Sweet Dub…

Sweet Dub… with tracks by…Dublerone , Rootsman Selecta , Sax n’ Dub , Dad Bod Dub , Dubmatix , Arky Starch , Sin , Manwel T , Natural Dubs , Dubmatix

  • 00:00  Dublerone – Dub For Kailash [Explorations in Dub]
  • 03:45  Rootsman Selecta & Sax n’ Dub – Nyabinghi Dub [Greenbeats]
  • 07:10  Dad Bod Dub – Sweet Dreams [Cry No More Recordings]
  • 11:15  Dubmatix & Arky Starch – Judas
  • 14:36  Sin – Planète [Subsquad Prod]
  • 18:33  Manwel T – Mandala Dub
  • 22:03  Natural Dubs – Xochipilli Dub [Greenbeats]
  • 25:03  Dubmatix – Deep Roots (Dubber Version)

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#265… Sweet Dub…2023-10-25T10:57:06+00:00

TDZ#264… Daylight Dub…

Daylight Dub… with tracks by…Art-X, Ras Divarius, Lance Hume, Arky Starch, Inna Midi Dub Yard, Magic Empire, Dubmatix, Subset, Jabbadup, LQ, Misled Convoy

  • 00:00  Art-X – Sunshine (feat. Ras Divarius & Lance Hume) [ODG]
  • 03:19  Arky Starch – Ride On
  • 07:00 Inna Midi Dub Yard – Daylight Sorcerer [Dub and Bud]
  • 10:04  Magic Empire – Sacred Chant [Greenbeats]
  • 14:51  Dubmatix – International Dub [RDX Promo]
  • 17:55  Subset – Space Re-echoed (Drew Id Dub) [Explorations In Dub] [Dubmission Records]
  • 22:44  Jabbadup – Abazir [ODG]
  • 27:03  LQ & Misled Convoy – Twice the Dub (Misled Convoy’s Solar mix) [Explorations In Dub]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#264… Daylight Dub…2023-09-27T15:43:50+00:00

681 is a magic number!

As some of you may know I’ve been podcasting since January 2006. Back then we had a limited resource of places where podcasters could get “podsafe” music.  The best place to find, creative commons licensed (often free) music were netlabels. Guess what? It still is. I’ve had a look through my archives and tried to draw up a list of netlabels (and other websites) I have used over the years. I’ve removed the resources where promotions have been paid for. I’ve just tried to focus on the grassroots, the free and the CC resources. It turns out there are 681 of them.

Many of these labels are long dead, others still very much alive, and some just wake up each year on July 14th and release something for Netlabelday. I’ve not included links because some are out of date and others have moved. If you ever want to locate a release from one of these labels then please do ask me pete.cogle@gmail.com. It’s always possible I have a copy squirrelled away somewhere.

The number will always get larger, but here’s the first 681……

(d.)pulse recordings, 23 Seconds, 3rd Avenue, 5 Myths, 51 Beats, 56Kbps Records, 7d Media, A Quiet Bump, AF Music, AFA Amalgamated Futureless Artists, AO Discos, ASAN Budapest, Abaga, Abrazo Virtual Discos, Abstrakt Reflections, Acroplane, Adult Swim, Adventure into Procrastination, Aenaos Records, Aftenging, Agogo Records, Aguanoche, Al Dente Records, Amblis, Analogue Trash, Anemos Promotions, Angel Dust Records, Annoying Beatz Crew, Anotraks, Anthill Recordings, Antiquated Future Records, Armatoste Brazo Discografico, Art As Catharsis, Art Goes Pop, Art-Ak, Artico, Artikal Records, Artists Against Apartheid, Artoffact Records, Atomnation, Audio Blood, Audio Empathy, AudioExit, AudioTong, Audiovisualtheorem, Aural Films, BDR Dancefloor, BFW Recordings, BNW, Bad Panda, Balanced Records, Balkan Recordings, Barbatruco Producciones, Barokah, Bass Culture Players, Basspistol, Batenim, Beatpick, Beko Digital Singles, Believe in Billy Records, Benevolence Messiah, Bestiar Netlabel, Bestiar, Big Wave Records, Birdsong, Bitchland, Black Lantern Music, Black Market Dub, Bleepsequence, Bleu Blanc, Blind Arc, Blocsonic, Blogrebellen, Bobz House, Bonimedia, Boomarm Nation, Breakbeat Fury Records, Breakbeat-Terrorism, Breathe Compilations, Brighest Dark Place, Briokids, Broken Bubble, Broken Drum Records, Broque, Brusio Netlabel, Brutal Resonance, Buda Beats, Bump Foot, CCMixter, CCTrax, CS3, Caballito Records, Cajanegra, Canal Dub, Candy Mind Records, Catalan Music, Cavern Brew Records, Central Control, Central Electrica Discos, Cerebral Audio, ChaYah Studios, Chikyu-u Records, Chillproductions, Classwar Karaoke, Clinical Archives, Cockatiel Records, Codes In Notes, Cold Fiction Music, Cold Fusion Music, Cold Tear Records, Color Squad Records, Coma Recordz, Comeme, Commercial Dreams, Communist Love, Completely Gone Recordings, Connection Verified, Contraszt, Core Collective, Cota 303, Coucounetlabel, Counting Pennies in the Afterlife, Cowshed Records, Crach Records, Crafting Room Recordings, Crazy Language, Crudo Bilbao, Cult Classic Records, Culture Dub Records, Cura, Curious Absurdities, Cut Records, Cyan Netlabel, CyberCrunk, DIY Netlabel, DJ EZ Music, DSRPTV Records, Da Heard It Here Records, Daffodil Publicity, Dan Dada Records, Dancefloor Socialism, Dandelion Radio, Dast Recordings, Dead Bees, Death Roots Syndicate, Dedpop, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Deep Electronics, Deep In Dub, Deeper Shades Recordings, Degelite, Delhotel, Der Kleine Gruene Wuerfel, Destroy All Concepts, Devils’s Brew Productions, DiSfish, Diablero, Diavoletto, Digital Diamonds, Digital Distortions, Digital Gewitter, Disboot, Discos Pato Carlos, Disfish, Dissonant Recordings, Diversified Music, Do It Youssef, DogMazic, Dorog Records, Doubledgescissor, Download, Dream Culture, Drossel, Duality, Dub Store Records, Dub Temple Records, Dubamix, Dubioza, Dubkey, Dubmatix, Dubophonic Records, Dubtribu Records, Dumb Sounds, Dusted Wax Kingdom, ELM Collective, EPA Sounds, Eardrums Pop, Earth City Recordz, Earthlings, Earthrid, Ebbs, Flows & Solos, Edisonbox Records, Ekar Records, Ektoplazm, Electro Swing, Electron Emitter, Electronic Raindrops, Electrosound, Elegant Elephant, Elephant Bass, ElpaMmuisc, Endearing, Enigmatik Records, Ennui.Bomb, Enough Records, Epa Sonidos, Ephedrina, Equal Recordings, Erésus, Esprit Records, Estampita Records, Etched Traumas, Eternal Vibes, Eversmile, Everydays, Evoke Records, Exp-Net, Exploding Art Promotions, Explorations In Dub, Export, Eyes of Infinity, Fanatic, Fat Flava Music, Fax Records, February Records, Fields Ohio, Finity, Force Carriers, Fortuna Pop, Free Music Archive, Free The Beats, FreeEtLegal, French Dub Released, French Getaway, French Music, FrenchDubReleased, Fresh Poulp, Freshly Squeezed Music, Fresscode Records, Fridge, Friendly Fire Recordings, FrostClick, Fuego Amigo Discos, Furnishings, Further Asunder, Fusion Netlabel, Future Avenue, Fuzz Club, Fwonk, GAUL Music, Gaia, Geertruida, Generation Bass, Geometry Recordings, Gergaz, Gets Louder, Globalfest, God Hates God Records, Gorge.In, Gravitas Recordings, Green Dragon Media, Green Note Records, Greenbeats Dub Netlabel, Gridwalk Media, Groove Caffee, Guerilla Asso, Gufo Records, GutterFunk, HAZE, Haiti, Hanabira, Happy People Records, Happy People Stateside, Happy Puppy, Hastings, Hattatsu, Heavenly Creatures Records, Honcho, Hong Kong Dub Station, Hortus Conclusus Records, Housefly Records, Houtz, Human Workshop, Hurtsville, Hypem, Hypnagogoc, I.O.T. Records, IMWT, IOT Records, Id.EOLOGY, Illect Recordings, Illogical Algorithm, Immoral Basement Records, In Music We Trust, In My Room, In Stereo Records, In You Ears, Indian Gold Records, Indiependency, Infames, Insectorama, Internet Recordings, Into Nowhere II, Intox Noize, Inunct Music, Inverted Spectrum Records, Invisible Agent Records, Jacobino Discos, Jahtari, Jamendo, Jehm Records, Jumpsuit Records, Jungle and Wobbles, Just Records, Kahvi Collective, Kamizdat, Kanal30, Keeping Track, Khannonmusic Studios, Kill Your Own Archive, King Deluxe, King Dub, King of Empty Hands, Kontingent Records, Kopoc Label, Korpus 9, Krad Collective, Kreislauf, Kvadrat, LCL, LMSNT, La Bel, La Bomba Recordings, La Souterraine, LaSouterraine, Lab Room Unlimited, Lady Boy Records, Laridae, Laser Visa, Latino Reisiste, Le Diable au Corps, Le Disquaire Day, Legowelt, Lemara Kota, Lepers Produtcions, Little Rascal Records, Lluevenalces Netlabel, Loop Recordings, Lost Children, Lost Frog Productions, Lost in My Sweet Dream, Lucida Records, Luna The Cat, MAO, MIST Records, MNMN, MaAuLa Records, Mad-Hop, Magnatune, Mahorka, Maltine Raecords, Manwel T, Maree Bass, Marly Records, Mars Melons, Mastik, Matxino Records, Mav, Mawimbi Records, Maybe Mars, Megavoid, Melodica, Memory Format, Merkaba Music, Metal Postcard Records, MiMi Records, Midnight On The Wheel, Mindblasting, Minima Discos, Mizou, Modismo, Modmotif, Modularfield, Molts Records, Monofonicos, Monokrak, Monotonik, Monplaisir, Monster Jinx, Moombah Bandits, Moron Labs, MosDub, MotorLab, Multi Culti, Murmure Intemporel, Musebox, Musica Docil, Musica Vermella, Mutant Bass Records, Mutant Sonic Exposure, Muteant Sounds, Muzeek, My Hand Thanx, NKS International, NU Logic, Nacion Libre, Nakrikal Records, Nakura Kid Records, Nazca Vibes, Nearer Than Ever, Neblina Sound, Nenormalizm Records, New Bird Landowner, No Format!, No Problema Digital, No Stress Netlabel, Nocid Business Recordings, Nocturne Noises Records, Noiseist, Noisy Vagabond, Noisybeat, Nophi Music, Northern Star, Nostress Netlabel, Nowaki Music, Nub Country, Nubiproof, Nul Tiel Records, Num Num Nah Records, ODG, OIB Records, OMEAC Records, Obey Solitude Records, Odrex Music, Off Me Nut Records, Oldy Clap Recordz, Omaramusic, Omoide Netlabel, On Sunday Recordings, One Handed Music, Open Wide, Operation Sound System Records, Organic Society, Orion Network, Oui Love, Pakapi Records, Pakkaslumi, Pan y Rosas Discos, Paper Garden, Paproota, Paris Zombie, Pavillion 36, People Can Listen, Peppermill, Persona Isla, Pertin-nce, Phlow, Phonocake, Picpac, Piko Piko Detroit, Pilot 11, Pink Walrus Productions, Plain Audio, Planet Groucho, Planet Terror Records, Planet X Records, Plataforma Recs, Playground Records, Pledge Music, Podsafe Music Network, Poli5, Polish Juke, Politiquement Incorrect, Post-Dreifing, Practice Records, Pragmat, Psychocandies, Pueblo Nuevo, Pulque Records, Pulse Compilation, Pyramid Transmissions, Quiero Recordings, Qunabu, RCRD LBL, Rackandruinrecords, Record On Ribs, Records On Ribs, Red Dye, Red Grape Music, Red Star Music, Red Star, Redmetic, Redneck, Rednetic, Redwood Entertainment, Reggae Record Downloads, Reggae Retro, Reggae Roast, Reggaedubwise, Regular Beat Recording, Repeat Records, Reservoir Dub, Reverse Engine, Ringe Raja Records, Rojo y Negro Records, RooRec, Routine Espresso Recordings, Royo y Negro, Rumah Teman Records, Rumpf Records, Run On Recordings, Russian Techno, SGC Media, STFU Records, Sahel Sounds, Salladillo Discs, Scalator Music, Seaside Trip, Section 27, Secuenciast Emporales, Seedsound, Selectro Records, Seven Villas Music, Shalhevet, Shika Shika, Shrammaka Recordings, Sick Monkey Records, Side-Line Magazine, Silent Flow, Siluh Records, Simplify, Sirona Records, Sirona, Six Degrees Records, Skalator Music, Sleepy Bass, Sleepy City, Slowly Drifting Across the Horizon, Sociopath Recordings, Softphase, Soigne Te Oreilles, Soislocerdos, Sola le Pido A Dior, Sonic Squirrel, Sonido Cuántico, Sostanze Records, Sound & Object, Sound Museum, Sound Rising Records, Soundpill, Southern City’s Lab, Soztance, Spa In Disco, Spclnch, Speakeasy Electro Swing, Spettro Recordings, Spinout Records, Starfrosch, Stato Elettrico, Strato Dischi, Strictly Dub Records, Stubborn, Studio 4632, Studio Rockers, Sub65 Media, SubBass, SubPop, SubTerra, Subbass, Subinfinity Recordings, Sublime Porte, Submit Records, Subterranean Tide, Suck Puck Recordz, Sucu Music, Sunriver Sounds, Svaha Sound Records, SwamiMusic, Swishco, Swiss Music Export, Synthematik, Sythematik, TSS Berlin, TZKATZ, Tachyon Netlabel, Tanukineiri Records, Tape Safe, Team Love, Techkilla, Technoval, TelematiQ, Temiong Recordings, Tempus Records, Terawrizt, Terranean Recordings, The Committee for Sonic Research, The Confluence, The Death Roots Syndicate, The Dub Factory, The French Connection, The French Touch Production, The Gods Planet, The Hope and Ruin, The Inner Cinema, The Kult of O, The Swamp Records, Third Wave Collective, This Is Soulace, Tiger Class Records, Tigersushi, Tin Robot Records, Tipping Point, Todos Somos Dios, Too Much Peace and Quiet, Toucan Music, Toxic Fly, Trading Music, Tranzmitter Netlabel, Treetrunk Records, Tribe Of Noise, Tribe Of Sound, Tripedal Crow Records, Trippin’ The Rift Records, Tropical Twista Records, Tru Thoughts, Ubiktune, Ultra Vague Recordings, Uncomfortable Beats, Underground Zine, United Studios Corporation, Unlimited Space Lab, Unlimited Space Nine, Unwashed Territories, Up It Up, Urban Connections, Uva Robot, VKRS, Vacant Artists, Vaticaen, Versionist, Via Lactea Ediciones, Viaduct Promotions, Virtual Soundsystem Records, Vulpiano Records, Warm Milk, Watch Pineapple Press, We Are All Ghosts, Weakie Discs, Weatnu Records, Welter Records, Werkstatt Recordings, Wilhelm show me the Major Label, Witch Spectra, Xenonyms, Yarn Audio, Yes No Wave, Yo! Netlabel, YoNo, You Need Friends Not Diskos, Yuki Yaki, Zap Records, Zenon Records, Zeste, Zimmer Records, Zorch Factory Records, enelrancho, entertainmentforthebraindead, f20d.com, hellopsychaleppo.com, johnnynothing, lafamillemusica, linguafrancamusic, lrcmusic, mimi, rec72, ripstore.asia, spclnch, tilt-recordings, tonAtom, trackinthebox, Þ Kollektiv

681 is a magic number!2023-06-27T12:32:07+00:00

PCP#795… Universal Robots…

Universal Robots… with tracks by…Rotunda Breaks, Bia Lética, R.U.R., Roser Montforte Trio, Suzanne Belaubre, Zeyn’el, Erik and the Worldly Savages, Fear Administration, Richie Phoe, The Crystal Teardrop, Awka, E.reflexion, Wanda & Nova deViator, Dubmatix

  1. Rotunda Breaks – Tinkle Bell (feat. Bia Lética) [MaAula Records]
  2. R.U.R. – Something Else [Muso Soup]
  3. Roser Montforte Trio – Atzucac [StoryAmp]
  4. Suzanne Belaubre – C’est rien [La Souterraine]
  5. Zeyn’el – Benden Selam Olsun Bolu Beyi’ne [StoryAmp]
  6. Erik and the Worldly Savages – Thunder in our hearts [Muso Soup]
  7. Fear Administration – Punkt [Bandcamp]
  8. Richie Phoe – Fire Red Hot [RDX Promo]
  9. The Crystal Teardrop – Nine Times Nine [Muso Soup]
  10. Awka [Seven Villas Music]
  11. E.reflexion – Ready for what [Bandcamp]
  12. Wanda & Nova deViator – Arp Arp [Bandcamp]
  13. Dubmatix – Hot Ska [RDX Promo]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#795… Universal Robots…2023-06-01T11:24:52+00:00

TDZ#258… Deep Dub…

Deep Dub… with tracks by… Swanga, RootsyBeats, Dub Idren, Eks Man, Dubmatix, PlusStepper, Mila Mazur, Subset, Muflon Dub Soundsystem, Lee Fry

  • 00:00  Swanga – Bonbelou [ODG]
  • 03:35  RootsyBeats Meets Dub Idren – Spiritual Dub [Dubophonic Records]
  • 08:12  Eks Man – Words of H.I.M. Dub [Greenbeats]
  • 12:08  Dubmatix – Deep Roots (Dubber Version) [Bandcamp]
  • 14:28  PlusStepper And Mila Mazur – Richka (Dub Version) [Bandcamp]
  • 18:43  Subset – Whipbird Dub [Dubmission Records]
  • 25:04  Muflon Dub Soundsystem – Holy Holy Holy Dub [Dubophonic Records]
  • 29:53  Lee Fry – Imi Aye [Explorations In Dub]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#258… Deep Dub…2023-04-10T10:28:22+00:00

PCP#786… Earthbound…

Earthbound… with tracks by…#Tukisigure #CMKBeats #Dubmatix #Buncheong #Cloudwarmer #MatiasCarafa #Mitrinique #DiegoPoblets #LuisBondio #JoshuaHazelden #ElNomada #Veak&Zudakabass #ASofterHell #BulkierNoons

  1. Tukisigure – Tears [Bandcamp]
  2. CMK Beats – Life Stories [Muso Soup]
  3. Dubmatix – Saturday Nite Ska [Bandcamp]
  4. Buncheong – La Vasse [La Souterraine]
  5. Cloudwarmer – Jumped In The Hudson River What Did I See? [Bandcamp]
  6. Matias Carafa – Historieta [Future Avenue]
  7. Mitrinique – Earthbound [Sound Avenue]
  8. Diego Poblets – Parallels and Meridians (Luis Bondio Remix) [Forward Music]
  9. Joshua Hazelden – For You [Muso Soup]
  10. El Nomada – Let me Down [Latino Resiste]
  11. Veak & Zudakabass – Gunz Out [Sound Rising Records]
  12. A Softer Hell – Nomad [Bandcamp]
  13. Bulkier Noons – Diamonds [Muso Soup]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#786… Earthbound…2023-03-30T12:08:32+00:00

TDZ#257… Listening Dub…

Listening Dub… with tracks by… Nick Headon’s Dub Kitchen, Dubmatix, Sister Maki Band, Dubanko, Jah Rules, Manwel T, Claudien, Bass Culture Players

  • 00:00  Nick Headon’s Dub Kitchen – Tootawan Dub [Muso Soup]
  • 03:30  Dubmatix – Onedrop Stomp [Bandcamp]
  • 05:53  Sister Maki Band – Love and War Dub [Dubophonic]
  • 12:47  Dubanko – Caesura [ODG]
  • 16:43  Jah Rules –  Dub Rules 1 [Pulque Records]
  • 20:02  Manwel T – Livity Dub [Manwel T]
  • 23:33  Claudien – Portal [ODG]
  • 27:15  Bass Culture Players – Life In The Ghetto (Version) [Bass Culture Players]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#257… Listening Dub…2023-03-10T10:52:46+00:00

PCP#777… Happy Birthday…

Happy Birthday….with tracks by… Solar Parachute, Brisadub Sounds, Fred Gomes, congratulations, HotWax, Minimal Orchestra, Slant, Lambrini Girls, Dubmatix, Sr Wilson, Ókindarhjarta , Run Logan Run, Portron Portron Lopez, Buzz Junior, Caline with C

  1. Solar Parachute – I Wish I Could Sleep [Puffer Fish Press]
  2. Brisadub Sounds  – Dub is the only solution (feat. Fred Gomes) [Sunriver Sounds]
  3. congratulations – Kryptonite
  4. HotWax – Stay Cool [Bandcamp]
  5. Minimal Orchestra – FKC [IOT Records]
  6. Slant – Eat The Moon [Bandcamp]
  7. Lambrini Girls – Help Me I’m Gay [Bandcamp]
  8. Dubmatix – Rub A Dub (feat. Sr Wilson) [RDX Promo]
  9. Ókindarhjarta – Dystópíski draumurinn [Post-Dreifing]
  10. Run Logan Run – Growing Pains [Bandcamp]
  11. Portron Portron Lopez – A Stranger I May Be [Do It Youssef!]
  12. Buzz Junior – Contraband [Gravitas]
  13. Caline with C – Finale [Legowelt]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#777… Happy Birthday…2023-01-26T13:30:14+00:00

TDZ#255… Abstract Dub…

Abstract Dub… with tracks by… Le Faune Stepper, Arky Starch, Med Dred, Mikey Dub, Hermit Dubz, Dubmatix, Joe Publik, Dubvisionist, Manwel T, StinkyJim

  • 00:00  Le Faune Stepper – Evolution Rise [ODG]
  • 04:19  Arky Starch – War Cry [Bandcamp]
  • 08:09  Med Dred – Forward Melodicas Dub [Dubophonic]
  • 11:42  Mikey Dub – Dub Calling [Explorations In Dub]
  • 16:01  Hermit Dubz – Big Ship (Dub1) [Bandcamp]
  • 19:35  Dubmatix & iJoe Publik – Champion (Dubvisionist Dubstrumental) [RDX Promo]
  • 23:12  Manwel T – Universal Dub Music [Manwel T]
  • 26:33  StinkyJim – Avant Grades [Bandcamp]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#255… Abstract Dub…2023-01-18T11:01:57+00:00

PCP#774… The Hit Podcast!

The Hit Podcast!….with tracks by… Michael Spicer, Pusta Przestrzen, Kadum, Spray, Stanley Hottek, Six Sigma, Mad-Tek, Cloudwarmer, Maxiroots, Dubmatix, Longfingah, Pepino Pascual, Postizen Oblast, Tildæ, Arky Starch, Suga Plum, Intrcept

The skits between tracks are by comedian Michael Spicer, famous for The Room Next Door.

  1. Pusta Przestrzen – Postpostpostpostindustrialny swiat [Bonimedia]
  2. Kadum – Skamenco (Kadum Remix) [Tropical Twista Records]
  3. Spray – Everything’s Better With Muppets (2020 Full Version) [Analogue Trash]
  4. Stanley Hottek – Satellite [Submit Records]
  5. Six Sigma – Saxifrage [Digital Distortions]
  6. Mad-Tek – Immortal Machines [Digital Distortions
  7. Cloudwarmer – The Haunt [Bandcamp]
  8. Maxiroots & Dubmatix – Liberation (feat. Longfingah) (Maxiroots Cumbia Mix) [RDX Promo]
  9. Pepino Pascual – Bottom Swing [StoryAmp]
  10. Postizen Oblast – Strup [Poli5]
  11. Tildæ – 71 [ASAN Budapest]
  12. Arky Starch – Pon Di Mic (feat. Suga Plum)
  13. Intrcept – Dead Orbit [Sound Museum]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#774… The Hit Podcast!2023-01-17T12:35:04+00:00

TDZ#254… Dub Street…

TDZ#254… Dub Street… with tracks by… Dub and Bases, Noda, Wolfers, RE-201, Deadbeat, Dubvisionist Dub, Simma, Natty Campbell, Sub Bass Killa, Mushka Town, Dubmatix, Lone Ranger, Sax N Dub, Mati Simmons

  • 00:00  Dub and Bases – Dub Street It [Explorations In Dub]
  • 03:11  Noda & Wolfers – Supernatural Mixing Desk [Legowelt]
  • 08:32  RE-201 & Deadbeat – Johnny & Mary (Dubvisionist Dub) [RDX Promo]
  • 11:51  Simma & Natty Campbell – For The Dub (Original Mix) [Explorations In Dub]
  • 14:05  Sub Bass Killa – Cosmovisiones [Greenbeats]
  • 17:34  Mushka Town – Regreso Dub [Greenbeats]
  • 21:13  Dubmatix and Lone Ranger – Ask Me (Dub Mix) [Dubmatix]
  • 24:18  Sax N Dub ft Mati Simmons – Working For A Brighter Dub [Dubophonic]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#254… Dub Street…2022-12-22T16:14:02+00:00

PCP#770… Goblin Mode…

Goblin Mode….with tracks by… Beton, Josh Teed, Eyezic, Slaney Bay, Bluebox, Dubmatix, Lone Ranger,Autopsy of the Soul, Konrad Dycke, JahYu, Aries Death Cult, Chapadla, Minimal Orchestra, Katakuri, Iwan Lovynsky, KingSMarine

  1. Beton – Roboty [SideLine Magazine]
  2. Josh Teed and Eyezic – Baku [Gravitas]
  3. Slaney Bay – LS6 [Hope and Ruin]
  4. Bluebox – Monologue 01 (Raw Version) [Color Squad Records]
  5. Dubmatix and Lone Ranger  – Ask Me (Jungle Mix) [RDX Promo]
  6. Autopsy of the Soul – Godfather Matchmaker Brother [Side-Line Magazine]
  7. Konrad Dycke – Clarity [Soundcloud]
  8. JahYu – Breath Of The Earth [Tripedal Crow Records]
  9. Aries Death Cult – Disquiet [Bandcamp]
  10. Chapadla – Ked si já zaspievám (When I Sing) [Poli5]
  11. Minimal Orchestra – Flued [I.O.T. Records]
  12. Katakuri – Ukiyo [No Problema Digital]
  13. Iwan Lovynsky & KingSMarine – Ukrainia (Cubic Rave For Freedom) [Side-Line Magazine]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#770… Goblin Mode…2023-01-02T11:22:19+00:00

PCP#764… Anyone For Tofu?….

Anyone For Tofu…… with tracks by…Bobby Ramone, ProleteR, Blondes, The Heavy Heavy, Alan Backdrop, Courting, Konkolo Orchestra, Nongoma, Kormorans, Sub Foundation, Hello Yes, RCola, Dubmatix, Nichenka Zoryana, Thomas Nordmann

  1. Bobby Ramone – Is This Love Kills? [Guerilla Asso]
  2. ProleteR – The hard way [Bandcamp]
  3. Blondes – Out the Neighbourhood [Bandcamp]
  4. The Heavy Heavy – Real Love Baby (Father John Misty Cover)
  5. Alan Backdrop – Camias [Ekar Records]
  6. Courting – Jumper [Bandcamp]
  7. Konkolo Orchestra ft Nongoma – Count Your Blessings [NYP Records]
  8. Kormorans – Skeet [Ektar Records]
  9. Sub Foundation – Egyptian Dub [Keeping Track]
  10. Hello Yes – Never Feel The Same [Bandcamp]
  11. RCola meets Dubmatix – Liberation Time [RDX Promo]
  12. Nichenka Zoryana – Rubix [Sound Rising Records]
  13. Thomas Nordmann – Frequent Transmission Part I [Deep Electronics]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#764… Anyone For Tofu?….2023-01-02T11:26:42+00:00

PCP#762… Fit For Work?….

Fit For Work?………. with tracks by…The Lounge Society, El Nomada, RCola, Dubmatix, Low-K, Gwenno, Macroblank, Milkhouse, Deadletter, Smoke and Mirrors Sound System, Peaness, Milk and Cookies, Al’Tarba, Yemanjo

  1. The Lounge Society – Cain’s Heresy
  2. El Nomada – Machete [Latino Resiste]
  3. RCola meets Dubmatix – War Peace Dub [RDX Promo]
  4. Low-K – Take Your Soul (feat. Bobby Surround) [Sound Rising Records]
  5. Gwenno – An Stevel Nowydh (The Just Courtroom)  [Bandcamp]
  6. Macroblank – また会いましょう (See You Again) [Bandcamp]
  7. Milkhouse – Mosavegur [Post-Dreifing]
  8. Deadletter – Fit For Work [Bandcamp]
  9. Smoke and Mirrors Sound System – 25 Miles [RDX Promo]
  10. Peaness – Kaizen [Bandcamp]
  11. Milk and Cookies – When Love is Done [Everydays]
  12. Al’Tarba – Android Child [IOT Records]
  13. Yemanjo – Bembeya [Jumpsuit Records]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#762… Fit For Work?….2023-01-02T11:27:29+00:00

PCP#748… Broken Beyond Repair…

Broken Beyond Repair… with tracks by…Deuxes, Muff, Perola Branca, Slap Rash, Rorschack, Slug Puppie, Ob.dub, The Maucals, Lambrini Girls, Dubmatix, Future Dub Orchestra, O Hell, Ignition Coil, Kidluis, Ciel, Wych Elm

  1. Deuxes – Circles
  2. Muff – Golden Girl
  3. Perola Branca – Terra Goa [Tropical Twista]
  4. Slap Rash – Cimmerian
  5. Rorschack – Henna Tat (feat. Deva Carolina) [Jumpsuit Records]
  6. Slug Puppie – Cycle Home
  7. Ob.dub – Treeline feat. The Maucals [ODG]
  8. Lambrini Girls – Big Dick Energy
  9. Dubmatix meets Future Dub Orchestra – Black Arc [RDX Promo]
  10. O Hell – Down
  11. Ignition Coil & Kidluis – Timetravel [Insectorama]
  12. Ciel – Fine Everything
  13. Wych Elm – Executioner

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#748… Broken Beyond Repair…2022-07-29T07:37:40+00:00

TDZ#242… Draig Dub …..

Draig Dub … with tracks by… Burning Babylon, Sista Sara, Vibronics, am.tape, Mysty K Dub, Dubmatix, Ras Red I, Pama Intl , Mad Professor

  • 00:00  Burning Babylon – Dub The Stripper [Bandcamp]
  • 02:45  Sista Sara – You Step, I Dub [Dubophonic]
  • 06:46  Vibronics – Official [Dubroom]
  • 10:34  AM.Tape – Arbitrary Constrains (Subset’s No Constraints Dub remix) [spclnch]
  • 16:44  Mysty K Dub – Extradub
  • 23:15  Dubmatix – Black nile dub [Dubmatix]
  • 28:19  Ras Red I – Dub Will Conquer [Too Much Peace and Quiet]
  • 32:27  Pama Intl meet Mad Professor – Justified Dub

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#242… Draig Dub …..2022-01-13T15:18:38+00:00

PCP#720… Covers and Mashups….

Covers and Mashups….with tracks by…Jada Facer, The Dub Oracle, DJ LK Mashup, Black Market, Renee and Jeremy, Freddy Wildblood, Badrriles, Lee Groves Dubtraphobic, Lion Of Joppa Soundsystem, Wimbish , Delle-2, RE-201, Roots Raid, Cookah, Noisy Pots, Black Market, Wise Owl, Sam Small, Black Chamber, Patron, Gaudi, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Dub Pistols, Dubmatix, Gaudi, Seanie T, Dub Pistols

  1. Jada Facer – Love Will Tear Us Apart
  2. The Dub Oracle – Material Spirits In A Dub World
  3. DJ LK Mashup – Come Together Good
  4. Black Market – And She Was
  5. Renee and Jeremy – Where Is My Mind
  6. Freddy Wildblood – The Killing Moon
  7. Badrriles – Soy Un Fiera
  8. Lee Groves Dubtraphobic – Echo Beach
  9. Lion Of Joppa Soundsystem – Conscious Version
  10. Wimbish, Delle-2 & RE-201 – Another One Bites The Dub
  11. Roots Raid (feat. Cookah) – Riders on the Storm
  12. Noisy Pots – Hit Me (Get Ur Freak On)
  13. Black Market & Wise Owl & Sam Small – Daniel
  14. Black Chamber – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  15. Patron – Disrupt
  16. Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Bethe Bethe Kese Kese
  17. Dub Pistols, Dubmatix & Gaudi – Blue Monday
  18. Seanie T & Dub Pistols – Armagideon Time

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#720… Covers and Mashups….2021-11-30T17:26:45+00:00

TDZ#238… Dub Action…..

Dub Action … with tracks by… DoobieSound, Dub Cartel, High Pressure Sound System, Rasta Reuben, Dubmatix, Munay Ki Dub, Jah Kajgaan, Boombardub, Naggo Morris, Dub Rogue, Jah Live, Danman, High Pressure Sound System

  • 00:00  DoobieSound – Zion Vision Riddim [Dubkey]
  • 04:31  Dub Cartel – Carousel Dub [Green Beats]
  • 07:13  High Pressure Sound System, Rasta Reuben, Dubmatix – War, Peace & Dub (Part 1)  [Ruffa Roots]
  • 10:46  Munay Ki Dub – Action [Dubophonic]
  • 15:47  Jah Kajgaan, Boombardub – Vibes Riddim  [Ruffa Roots]
  • 18:19  Naggo Morris – Children of the Ghetto (Hermit Dubz 2) [Hermit Dubz]
  • 21:31  Dub Rogue – Trust No One Dub [Dub Flash]
  • 24:21  Jah Live, Danman, High Pressure Sound System – Danman Dub (Part 1)  [Ruffa Roots]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#238… Dub Action…..2021-09-20T10:11:44+00:00

TDZ#234… 14th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..

14th Anniversary Dub Selecta… with tracks by… Art-X & The Roots Addict, Dub Addiction, Lunar Visions, Manwel T, Shanti-K, Hummingbird, Radio Byzance, Khoe-Wa Meets Luiza, Dubmatix, Globular & Geoglyph, Elite Beat, Dub Machinist meets Gary Clunk, ArtK and Woodub, Feldub, Unidub Estacion, Bass Culture Players, BassDefender, Hermit Dubz, Markus and Shahzad, Yaadcore, Jah9, Subatomic Sound System, Dub Traveller, Dubtor T-Bone, Tetra Hydro K, Eole Dub, Dub Cmd, Blanc du Blanc, Sax n’ Dub, Richie Phoe, Sumac Dub & Art-X

  • 0:00:00  Art-X & The Roots Addict – Unchained [ODG]
  • 0:03:51  Dub Addiction – Khmer Dub Empire – 08 Higher [Bandcamp]
  • 0:09:26  Lunar Visions – Moony feat. Morc in Dub & Jula – Lunar Visions [Maree Bass]
  • 0:13:40  Manwel T – Dub Addict
  • 0:16:50  Shanti-K – Botanical Dub [Dubophonic]
  • 0:20:37  Hummingbird – Feuillemort Dub feat. Aki Mittoo [Greenbeats]
  • 0:24:02  Radio Byzance – Kanaka [ODG]
  • 0:28:44  Khoe-Wa Meets Luiza – Tinoda [ODG]
  • 0:32:55  Dubmatix – War Peace and Dub (feat. Rasta Reuben) (Lord Dubby Remix) [RDX Promo]
  • 0:36:29  Globular & Geoglyph – The Observatory [Bandcamp]
  • 0:45:20  Elite Beat – Sports Radio (RLC Dub mix) [NYP Records]
  • 0:50:56  Dub Machinist meets Gary Clunk – Club Master [Culture Dub]
  • 0:54:36  ArtK and Woodub – Hijaz Harmony [Maree Bass]
  • 0:59:09  Feldub – Rockers Anthem (Art-X remix) [ODG]
  • 1:02:04  Unidub Estacion – Loko Motora Dub (Dubtor T Bone RMX) [Green Beats]
  • 1:06:37  Bass Culture Players – Worldwide Version [Lafamille Music]
  • 1:10:14  BassDefender – Oasis [Crudo Bilbao]
  • 1:14:42  Hermit Dubz – Earl 1Bad Cops(Hermit Dubz remix) Dub Version [Hermit Dubz]
  • 1:17:59  Markus and Shahzad – Bulla (Sumac Dub remix) [ODG]
  • 1:21:49  Yaadcore Jah9, Subatomic Sound System – Police In Helicopter (Dub Mix) [RDX Promo]
  • 1:25:08  Dub Traveller – Motion Hangdrum [Culture Dub]
  • 1:29:05  Dubtor T-Bone – Ami [Green Beats]
  • 1:33:41  Tetra Hydro K – Hyden Kush [ODG]
  • 1:37:12  Eole Dub – Enjoy Dub [Culture Dub]
  • 1:40:47  Dub Cmd – Yes Jah [Dubophonic]
  • 1:44:21  Blanc du Blanc – Traffic Signals Dub [Soul Select Records]
  • 1:47:19  Sax n’ Dub – Black Dub [Greenbeats]
  • 1:51:17  Richie Phoe – Baby I Dub You So [RDX Promo]
  • 1:54:19  Sumac Dub & Art-X – Nuit Noire [ODG]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#234… 14th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..2021-05-27T11:26:37+00:00

TDZ#232… Dub Harmony…..

Dub Harmony… with tracks by… ArtK, Woodub, Dubmatix , Rasta Reuben, Lord Dubby , Marcus I, Unidub Estacion, Dubtor T Bone , Bass Culture Players, Dub Cmd , Irie-D, AMJ , Nai-Jah, Redwood Dub.

  • 00:00  ArtK and Woodub – Hijaz Harmony [Maree Bass]
  • 04:31  Dubmatix – War Peace and Dub (feat. Rasta Reuben) (Lord Dubby Remix) [RDX Promo]
  • 08:09  Marcus I – Dub Warriors [Happy People Records]
  • 12:27  Unidub Estacion – Loko Motora Dub (Dubtor T Bone RMX) [Green Beats]
  • 16:50  Bass Culture Players – Worldwide Version [Lafamille Music]
  • 20:29  Dub Cmd and Irie-D – Children Version [Dubophonic]
  • 23:34  AMJ – Let Go Of Fear (feat, Nai-Jah)  (Aotearoa Dub) [RDX Promo]
  • 28:45  Redwood Dub – I’ve got (Air max Dub vershan) [Maree Bass]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#232… Dub Harmony…..2021-05-31T10:07:46+00:00

PCP#690… Tunnel Vision!

Tunnel Vision…with tracks by…Bubamara Brass Band , Jael, Dood, Igor Pumphonia, Applescal,Y.LS. & Al:x, Nach After, Dubmatix,YOetc, Mates Of State, Habib Koite, Roger Rivas, Markus Masuhr, Kookooo Kitchen.

  1. Bubamara Brass Band – Manea Romi
  2. Jael- Try (feat. Dood) [ODG]
  3. Igor Pumphonia – Igor Pumphonia – Hit Me Up (Dub) [Jamendo]
  4. Applescal – Cymbals Rush [Atomnation]
  5. Louis Lingg and the Bombs – Onigiri
  6. Y.LS. & Alix – Andrea’s Swingi [Skalator]
  7. Nach After – On The Run [Tachyon]
  8. Dubmatixi – War Peace Dub (YOetc Remix) [RDX]
  9. Mates Of State – Goods
  10. Habib Koite – Diarabi Niani [RPS]
  11. Roger Rivas – Heading West [Happy People Records]
  12. Markus Masuhr – Someone [Pragmat]
  13. Kookooo Kitchen – Bedsheet

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#690… Tunnel Vision!2021-03-31T20:17:28+00:00

TDZ#231… Organic Dub…..

Organic Dub… with tracks by… Moony , Morc in Dub, Jula, Art-X , The Roots Addict, Richie Phoe, Manwel T, Dubmatix, Rasta Reuben, Culture Horn, Tetra Hydro K, Krak in Dub.

  • 00:00  Moony feat. Morc in Dub & Jula – Lunar Visions [Maree Bass]
  • 04:14  Art-X & The Roots Addict – The Smoke Of Hell [ODG]
  • 07:45  Richie Phoe – Baby I Dub You So [RDX Promo]
  • 10:47  Manwel T – Organic Dub [Happy People Records]
  • 13:45  Dubmatix feat.Rasta Reuben – War Peace Dub Melodican Remix [RDX Promo]
  • 18:45  Culture Horn – Feel It Dub [Dubophonic]
  • 23:07  Tetra Hydro K – Hyden Kush [ODG]
  • 26:36  Krak in Dub – Raised Dub [RDX Promo]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#231… Organic Dub…..2021-03-04T15:30:10+00:00

TDZ#230… Blue Dub…..

Blue Dub… with tracks by… Aki Mittoo, Hummingbird, Shanti-K, Gaudi , Dub Pistols, Dubmatix, Thomas Anton, Dub Machinist, Feldub, Globular, Geoglyph,  Jabbadub, R. Smith, Rubi Du, Rod Taylor, Ondubground, Kaly Live Dub.

  • 00:00  Feuillemort Dub (feat. Aki Mittoo), By Hummingbird. [Greenbeats]
  • 03:24  Botanical Dub, by Shanti-K. [Dubophonic]
  • 07:11  Blue Monday Gaudi Dub, by Dub Pistols v Dubmatix. RDX Promo]
  • 10:23  Mad World (feat. Thomas Anton) (Dub Machinist Dub Version), by Feldub. [ODG]
  • 13:56  The Observatory, by Globular & Geoglyph. [Bandcamp]
  • 22:42  Rootsman Dub, by Jabbadub. [ODG]
  • 27:22  LockUp (R. Smith Stepping Dub Mix), by Rubi Du. [RDX Promo]
  • 32:09  Smoke Up Remix (feat. Rod Taylor), by Ondubground x Kaly Live Dub. [ODG]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#230… Blue Dub…..2021-02-03T14:46:24+00:00

PCP#661… Mary Mary…

Mary Mary…. with tracks by … Die Leere im Kern deiner Hoffnung , Dub Addiction Don Camilo, Miss Saravan, Rhythm Mates, Frenic, Vietnam II ,DzEta, Secret Archives of the Vatican, aaahhchestra, Juggla , Dubmatix, GRàA , Hayvanlar Alemi ,Indus Bronze,The Noup, jack_plug.

  1. Dass Wir De Leiden (That We Suffer), by Die Leere im Kern deiner Hoffnung (The emptiness at the core of your hope).  Cologne, Germany . [Der kleine gruene Wuerfel]
  2. Mother Earth (feat. Don Camilo & Miss Saravan), by Dub AddictionPhnom Penh, Cambodia. [Bandcamp]
  3. Krovavaya Mary (Bloody Mary), by Rhythm Mates. Russia.  [Bonimedia]
  4. Are You Listening?, by Frenic[The French Touch Production]
  5. Oh Mary, by Vietnam IINew York, USA. [Blocsonic]
  6. W41t1ng D4ys, by DzEtaLimoges, France. [Bonimedia]
  7. Stars End, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  8. Miss You, by aaahhchestraBad Freienwalde, Germany. [Bandcamp]
  9. Rub A Dub Style, by Juggla & Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  10. FullkomiÐ (Perfect), by GRàA. (Heal). Iceland. [Post-Dreifing]
  11. Karecikler Dolmadan (Before the Squares Are Full), by Hayvanlar Alemi. Ankara, Turkey. [Inverted Spectrum Records]
  12. Flow Motion (Indus Bonze Remix), by The Noup. Tokyo, Japan. [Gorge.in]
  13. Catedral, by jack_plug. Valparíso, Chile. [Epa Sonidos]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) Lice

PCP#661… Mary Mary…2020-08-06T15:02:10+00:00

PCP#648… Observations….

Observations… with tracks by… All My Friends Hate Me, Resina, Strad, Zengineers, Dub One!, GRÓA, Adwaith, DJ Die, Komiku, Globular, Geoglyph, Heifervescent, Prince Blanco, Dubmatix, Nonima, Living Camboya.

  1. Stay Up, by All My Friends Hate Me. Los Angeles, California. USA. [Jamendo]
  2. It Hurts, by Resina. Rome, Italy. [Strato Dischi]
  3. Big Bang, by Strad. Germany. [Ideology]
  4. Salsa in dub (Samba de Seifero Remix by Zengineers), by Dub One! Berlin, Germany. [Ideology]
  5. Prakkari (Prankster), by GRÓA (Heal). Iceland. [Post-Dreifing]
  6. Newid (Change), by Adwaith (Reaction).  Carmarthen, Wales. [Soundcloud]
  7. Lik It Bak, by DJ Die. Bristol, England. [GutterFunk]
  8. The Urge Of Moving Smile On The Faces, by Komiku. Le Mans, France. [Monplaisir]
  9. The Observatory, by Globular & Geoglyph. Bristol, England. [Bandcamp]
  10. What Have I Done Now, by Heifervescent. North West England. [Jamendo]
  11. Gonna Be Alright (feat. Prince Blanco), by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  12. Monolith (Combat version), by Nonima. Scotland. [Section 27]
  13. Sin Miedo (Without Fear), by Living Camboya. Málaga, Spain. [Jamendo]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#648… Observations….2020-05-14T10:54:57+00:00

PCP#630… London Crawling….

PCP#630… London Crawling….2020-01-07T14:47:22+00:00

PCP#624… Bloody Bloody Border….

Bloody Bloody Border…with tracks by… Peanut Butters, Sista Livity, Manu Chao, Dubioza Kolektiv, Al:x, Ondubground, Chill Bump, Rust Cohle, Les Etoiles, Dennis Alcapone, Dubmatix, Irina Mikhailova, David Starfire, A  Narri Nerro, MOC, Tamana Ramen, Yuri, Brown Noise. .

  1. 夕方から (From The Eveing, by Peanut Butters. Tokyo, Japan. [Anotracks]
  2. Stop Babylonians, by Sista Livity. Barcelona, Spain. [Molts Records]
  3. Cross The Line (feat. Manu Chao), by Dubioza Kolektiv. Bosnia and Herzegovina. [Dubioza.org]
  4. Velvet Like, by Al:x. Singapore. [Skalator Music]
  5. Going Nowhere (Ondubground remix), by Chill Bump. Tours, France. [ODG]
  6. In The Zone, by Rust Cohle. Jamaica. [Dusted Wax Kingdom]
  7. Song For A Reluctant Soldier (In Memory Of Harry Joseph Foxall, 1886-1917), by Les Étoiles. Shropshire, England. [Records On Ribs]
  8. Struggle (feat. Dennis Alcapone) (2019 Re-Dub), by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  9. Oj Mome (feat. Irina Mikhailova), by David Starfire. Los Angeles, California, USA. [David Starfire Music]
  10. Movi Festi, by A  Narri Nerro. Berlin, Germany. [Ringe Raja Records]
  11. Kim, by MOC. Munich, Germany. [Phonocake]
  12.  存在 feat. 玉名ラーメン (Existence feat. Tamana Ramen), by Yuri. Japan. [Anotracks]
  13. Be Happy, by Brown Noise. Taiwan. [Sociopath]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#624… Bloody Bloody Border….2019-11-07T21:17:39+00:00

TDZ#210… Dub Voice …..

Dub Voice… with tracks by …. SistaSara, Johnny Clarke, Richie Phoe, Jabbadub, Pablo Raster, Hornsman Coyote, PDX Mandem, Dawa Hifi, Art-X, Sly Robbie, Dubmatix, Guru Pope, FootPrint System.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#210… Dub Voice …..2019-07-11T16:15:22+00:00

TDZ#209… Celebration Dub …..

Celebration Dub … with tracks by …. Manwel T, Ondubground, Art-X, Eek-A-Mouse, Dubmatix, Sista Sara, Khoe-Wa, Echo Doppler, Brimstone, Hermit Dubz, Roots Masashi.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#209… Celebration Dub …..2019-06-14T20:10:44+00:00

PCP#603… Summertime Blues…

Summertime Blues…. with tracks by … Manudigital, Taiwan MC, Napz, Olivia Frances, Lanimal, Dubmatix, Panda Dub, Silent Forum, Viqtourson, Pigslab, Globular, Alma Afrobeat Ensemble, C.W Jones, Youthstar, Rodrigo Gallardo, Lately Kind of Yeah.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#603… Summertime Blues…2019-05-30T12:52:57+00:00

TDZ#208… 12th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..

12th Anniversary Dub Selecta… with tracks by ….  The Dubwegians, Dubsynaticx, Echo Vault, PlusStepper, Dubbusters, Espiralia Dub, Fyahred, Michael Exodus, Moune, Javier Martin Boix, Bass Culture Players, Guru Pope, Pablo Raster, The Unsealer, Dry Land, Mato, Roots Zombie, Full Dub, The Dubbstyle, Globular, Art-X, Zenzile, Nawak British, Spicy Riddim, SistaSara, Dub Addiction, Khmer Rockers Uptown, Sumac Dub, Rakoon, Dubmatix, Linval Thompson, Dub Shepherds, Roots Raid, Droegenbwoys, The Heavy Soul, Hamada Helal, FootPrint System, Foshan Roots, Kanka, U-Niko Dubs.

  1. 00:00:00  Augustus Pablo Dub (Rockers Rock), by The Dubwegians. Glasgow, Scotland. [Dubophonic]
  2. 00:02:31  Loving Dub, by Dubsynaticx. Vienna, Austria. [Jamendo]
  3. 00:06:11  Salute To The Emperor, by Echo Vault. Ghent, Belgium. [Reservoir Dub]
  4. 00:09:38  Asian Train, by PlusStepper. Odessa, Ukraine.[ODG]
  5. 00:13:54  Ronin, by Dubbusters meets Espiralia Dub. Puebla, México. [Green Beats]
  6. 00:17:38  In these dubs, by Fyahred and Michael Exodus. Cork, Ireland. [Dub-O-Matic]La Root, by Moune. France. [Dubophonic]
  7. 00:21:15  Siala Baba Dub, by Jabbadub & RaZtaMama. Poland. [Bandcamp]
  8. 00:25:38  Unconditional Love, by Javier Martin Boix and Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. [Lafamille Music]
  9. 00:28:57  Wicked Sax (feat. Guru Pope), by Pablo Raster. Wroclaw, Poland. [Culture Dub Records]
  10. 00:32:57  218 Dub, by The Unsealer. Adis Ababa, Etheopia. [Merikebi]
  11. 00:36:23  Ethno Dub, by Dry Land. Nantes, France. [Maree Bass]
  12. 00:39:55  In The Hall of the Mountain King Dub, by Mato. [ODG]
  13. 00:43:04  Dub System, by Roots Zombie. Paris-Bordeaux, France. [Bounce To Hell Records]
  14. 00:47:04  The End, by Full Dub. Dijon, France.  [ODG]
  15. 00:52:50  Navidub, by The Dubbstyle. Mendoza, Argentina. [Dubophonic]
  16. 00:58:09  Dimension Extension, by Globular. Bristol, England. [Bandcamp]
  17. 01:07:06  Blowing With The Dust, by Art-X & Zenzile. Tours, France. [ODG]
  18. 01:10:30  Mr Fudji, by Nawak British. Greece. [Maree Bass]
  19. 01:15:39  Canebiera (feat. Art-X) (Spicy Riddim), by Black Beanie Dub. Marseille, France. [Dubophonic]
  20. 01:19:11  Dub A Move, by SistaSara. London, England. [Dubophonic]
  21. 01:24:06  Ecological Dub, by Dub Addiction meets Khmer Rockers Uptown. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. [Metal Postcard Records]
  22. 01:28:02  Old Man Willow, by Sumac Dub. Grenoble, France. [ODG]
  23. 01:31:52  Chaotic Cheesecake, by Rakoon. Paris, France. [ODG]
  24. 01:36:19  Killing Dub (Art-X Melodica Version), by Dubmatix, Art-X & Linval Thompson. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  25. 01:39:34  Western Rumors (Dub Shepherds Remix), by Roots Raid. Bourges, France. [ODG]
  26. 01:44:06  Chase away Dub, by Droegenbwoys. Betzendorf, Germany. [Bandcamp]
  27. 01:50:08  Dub Jam, by The Heavy Soul. [ODG]
  28. 01:55:04  Mastoul Dubwise (Hamada Helal reworks), by FootPrint System. Paris France. [ODG]
  29. 01:58:20  Roots Fyah Dub, by Foshan Roots. UK. [Dubophonic] [Dubophonic]
  30. 02:02:09  Log in, by Kanka. Pouen, France. [ODG]
  31. 02:06:26  Infinity Dub, by U-Niko Dubs. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Green Beats]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#208… 12th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..2019-05-16T14:26:04+00:00

PCP#600 (Part 1) … Music and Mumblings (2006 – 2010) …

Music and Mumblings (2006 – 2010)…… with interviews and tracks by … The Wanted, The Den Collective, The Pocket Gods, Sky Larkn, Secret Archives of the Vatican, The Bavarian Druglords, Betty and the Warewolves, Skint and Demoralised, Dubmatix, Citizen Sound, Don Letts, Dan Donovan, Prince Blanco, Mighty Howard, Aldubb, Vinyl Chord, Voide, Pixieguts, Rowley Cutler, My Toys Like Me.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#600 (Part 1) … Music and Mumblings (2006 – 2010) …2019-04-19T06:57:19+00:00

PCP#599… Joe Public…

Joe Public…. with tracks by … Tree House, Starfrosch, Dakha Brakha, Barrio Lindo, Pablo Mega Metal, Dubmatix, Joe Publik, Beats Antique, The Genevieves, Federico Estévez, Asa-i-Viata, The Black Mantis Project, Zapa, Plena Libre, Mato.

  1. Natural High, by Tree House! Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. [StoryAmp]
  2. Kalte Ohren (Cold Ears), by Starfrosch. Bern, Switzerland. [Starfrosch]
  3. Erzeroum (Sahaleï Edit), by Dakha Brakha. Toronto, Canada / Ukraine. [Dream Culture]
  4. Pura Danza (Kraut Remix), by Barrio Lindo. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Shika Shika]
  5. Zapaskowani Chlopcy, by Pablo Mega Metal. Poland. [Jamendo]
  6. Come Correct (Dubmatix Remix), by Joe Publik. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  7. The Grand Bizarre, by Beats Antique. Oakland, California, USA.
  8. Make Them Weep, by The Genevieves. Scootland. [Myspace]
  9. Hologramas, by Federico Estévez. Mexico, France, Germany, Argentina. [Shika Shika]
  10. Bohemians (feat. Asa-i-Viata), by The Black Mantis Project. France. [ODG]
  11. Beiramar, by Zapa. London, England. [Vulpiano]
  12. Bambulae, by Plena Libre. Puerto Rico. [StoryAmp]
  13. The Swan Lake Dub, by Mato. [ODG]

Checkout DJ Cary at Expandzions.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#599… Joe Public…2019-04-12T08:46:09+00:00

PCP#598… Combinations…

Combinations…. with tracks by … Naos, Daniel Nose, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Luiza, Mahom, The Tuts, Dubmatix , Tetra Hydro K, Brainless, Prodesh, Polylin, Insanity Circle, Mark Meino, Lately Kind of Yeah, Eviru Dibad, Etheriden.

  1. Guilty Pleasures, by Naos. [Bestiar]
  2. Hope For Tomorrow, by Daniel Nose. Russia. [MNMN]
  3. Sumer The First Time, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  4. Snowball (feat. Luiza), by Mahom. France.[ODG]
  5. Give Us Something Worth Voting For, by The Tuts. Greater London, England. [Bandcamp]
  6. The Delirious Combination (Dubmatix Remix), by Tetra Hydro K meets Brainless. Ontario, Canada. [ODG]
  7. Flash in Berlin, by Prodesh. Recklinghausen, Germany. [Planet X Records]
  8. 3/03 (Hands Off Mix), by Polyline. [Seedsound]
  9. Ritual Of Colors, by Insanity Circle. Medellín, Colombia. [Monofonicos]
  10. T901D, by Mark Meino. Voronezh, Russia. [Planet X Records]
  11. Metroplex, by Lately Kind of Yeah. [Vulpiano Records]
  12. Chronicles, by Eviru Dibad. Medellín, Colombia. [Monofonicos]
  13. Voyage, by Etheriden. [Seedsound]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#598… Combinations…2019-04-04T15:35:44+00:00

PCP#597… Disquieting Metaphysical Homesick Blues…

Disquieting Metaphysical Homesick Blues…. with tracks by … TapChan,  Secret Archives of the Vatican, Ego Dome, MoShang, Gordon’s Suitcase, Tortue Super Sonic, Arithmatou, Smooth Genestar, D-Echo Project, Dub Division, Miniman, Dsum, Miguel Duque, Noah Christopher, Hjlmar, Prince Alla, Screechy Dan, Megative, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespear, Dubmatix, Cousin Silas, The Glove of Bones..

  1. Monit, by TapChan. Wroclaw, Poland. [Paproota]
  2. Citadel of Dust, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  3. No More Clouds, by Ego Dome. Durham, NH, USA. [Dusted Wax Kingdom]
  4. Indevelopment (MoShang Asian Elaboration Mix), by Gordon’s Suitcase. Pretoria, South Africa. [Jamendo]
  5. Hybrid Digeridoo (Tortue Super Sonic Remix), by Arithmatou. Montréal, Canada. [Zeste]
  6. 50 Shades of Dub (Smooth Genestar Remix), by D-Echo Project. Portugal. [CCTrax]
  7. Hm Dub (ICQ Dub), by Dub Division. Hamburg, Germany.
  8. Dub Creation, by Miniman. France. [ODG]
  9. Waveforms (Dsum Remix), by Miguel Duque. Medellin, Colombia. [Monofonicos]
  10. Rites of Spring (Part One), by Noah Christopher. Colorado, USA. [Seedsound]
  11. Tha Mun Vorid Vaxa, by Hjlmar. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  12. Smoothie (feat. Prince Alla, Screechy Dan, Megative), by Sly Robbie meets Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  13. Disquieting Metaphysical Love Song, by Cousin Silas & Glove Of Bones. England. [We Are All Ghosts]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#597… Disquieting Metaphysical Homesick Blues…2019-03-29T09:45:21+00:00

TDZ#201… Feral Dub…..

Feral Dub … with tracks by …. Foshan Roots, The Unsealer, Sasquash, Dry Land, Pablo Raster, The Dubwegians, Kandee, Dubmatix, Art-X, Linval Thompson.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#201… Feral Dub…..2018-11-02T16:34:04+00:00

TDZ#200… The Best Exotic Dub Selecta…

The Best Exotic Dub Selecta…With tracks by…Burning Babylon, Dub Addiction meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown, DU3normal, Hechoamano, Cocoa Tea, Baby Arm Sound System, Gaudi, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Globular, , Earlyw~rm Jackie Mittoo, DubRifles, Alien Dread, Humano Espectral, DoobieSounds, Supa Bassie, Organic, Volfoniq, Vibronics, Zion Dirty Sound, Dubsynaticx, Dr Remix, Jambassa, Candy, _2V, Johnny Redlocks, Sticky Joe, Les Desaxes, Stand Out Selector, El Gaucho SoundSystem, Fried Wire, Dubsynaticx, Bass Culture Players, Alien Tekh, Jungle Weed, Mind’s Eye Dub, Lion Of Joppa Soundsystem, Jah Slave, Karma Dub, The Sysiphians, Digikal Roots, ISH, King T, Dublicator, Lackatee, Art-X, Red Star Martyrs, Black Dubber, The Liquidator, Solomon808, The Ital Roots Players, Dubwise Continuum, Ironshirt, King Opossum, P.A.F, Nawak British, Vlastur, Michael Exodus, Dubstructor, Jahpapu, Brass Wood & Wires, Guitoud, Dubmatix, Don Letts.

  1. 00:00:00  Pressure Tones, by Burning Babylon.Boston, Massachusetts [Magnatune]
  2. 00:03:02  Put Down Your Guns, by Dub Addiction meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. [Metal Postcard Records]
  3. 00:07:59  Charmer, by DU3normal. Budapest, Hungary.[Dan Dada Records]
  4. 00:11:33  Dobogóko Dub, by Hechoamano. Hungary. [ReggaeDubWise]
  5. 00:15:20  Young Lover Dubplate (Ondubground Remix), by Cocoa Tea. Jamaica/France. [OnDubGround]
  6. 00:18:02  Hypnotic Stagger, by Baby Arm Sound System. Arizona, USA. [ReggaeDubwise]
  7. 00:23:30  Bethe Bethe Kese Kese, by Gaudi (feat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan). London, England.[Promonet]
  8. 00:29:03  Fractalicious Fantastifications, by Globular. Bristol, England. [Bandcamp]
  9. 00:37:35  Free Man, by Downbeatdb. Mendoza, Argentina.  [Bandcamp]
  10. 00:40:29  Horn and the Chalice, by Earlyw~rm. Ontario, Canada. [Soundcloud]
  11. 00:44:04  Peace Treaty (Jackie Mittoo Version), by DubRifles.Uruguay. [ReggaeDubwise]
  12. 00:48:59  The Mexican Way, by Alien Dread (feat. Humano Espectral). UK. [Dub Vibrations]
  13. 00:52:25  Roots Riot Riddim, by DoobieSounds.Sweden. [ReggaeDubwise]
  14. 00:55:38  Israel (Extended dub version), by Supa Bassie. Valencia, Spain. [Tuffies Yard Movement]
  15. 01:02:34  Volforganic Dub, by Organic vs Volfoniq. Montpellier, France. [LCL]
  16. 01:08:38  Night Storm Dub, by Vibronics. Leicester, England. [Bandcamp]
  17. 01:13:13  El Pueblo Unido Dub, by Zion Dirty Sound. Provins, France. [Dubophonic]
  18. 01:15:54  Black Stone Dub, by Dubsynaticx. Vienna, Austria. [Versionist]
  19. 01:19:11  60-40Riddim, by Dr Remix. Amsterdam, Netherlands.  [Soundcloud]
  20. 01:24:09  Like Silence, by Jambassa (feat. Candy). Irpinia, Italy. [A Quiet Bump]
  21. 01:27:49  1-Man (Dub), by _2V. Chicago, Illinois, USA.[Versionist]
  22. 01:32:22  Sunny Rain, by Johnny Redlocks. [Versionist]
  23. 01:35:01  Fussin & Fighting Riddim, by Sticky Joe. Birmingham, England. [Dubmati
  24. 01:38:25  Zo, by Les Desaxes. France. [Jamendo]
  25. 01:44:00  Hollywood Dub, by Stand Out Selector. Maui, Hawaii.[Promonet]
  26. 01:48:20  Delivery II, by El Gaucho SoundSystem. Argentina. [Green Note]
  27. 02:14:16  Back To Wondering (12″ mix), by The Dub Dragoon. Chicago, USA. [Versionist]
  28. 02:10:27  Son Of Roots (Fire One up for Mr Gibbs), by Fried Wire. Sacramento, California, USA. [Versionist]
  29. 02:13:53  Temple Dub (2004), by Dubsynaticx. Vienna, Austria. [ReggaeDubwise]
  30. 02:18:17  Youthman Version, by Bass Culture Players. Madrid, Spain. [Bandcamp]
  31. 02:22:28  Bhawaani Dub (Version 1), by Alien Tekh. Stockholm, Sweden.[ReggaeDubWise]
  32. 02:25:17  Flying Monkey, by Jungle Weed. Toulouse, France. [OnDubGround]
  33. 02:31:22  Dread Dub, by Mind’s Eye Dub. Malta. [Dubkey]
  34. 02:35:06  Conscious Version, by Lion Of Joppa Soundsystem meets Jah Slave [Reggaedubwise]
  35. 02:39:57  Herbal Healing, by Karma Dub. Germany. [Dubophonic]
  36. 02:42:31  Agamemnon Riddim, by The Sysiphians. France. [KingDub]
  37. 02:46:09  Obeah Step Dub, by Digikal Roots. Huddersfield, England. [Artikal Records]
  38. 02:50:04  Washer Bub, by ISH. [Versionist]
  39. 02:54:47  Time For T, by King T. France. [Versionist]
  40. 03:00:38  Moveless Journey, by Dublicator[Fresh Poulp]
  41. 03:07:16  Walk Good Dub, by Lackatee. Oakland, California. [Versionist]
  42. 03:11:07  Skanking Easy (Tribute To Augustus Pablo), by Art-X. Tours, France. [ODG]
  43. 03:14:19  Insurrection (One Drop), by Red Star Martyrs. Totnes, England. [Dubophonic]
  44. 03:19:27  Pirate Waves, by Black Dubber. Spain. [ReggaeDubWise]
  45. 03:21:10  Filthy Sanchez, by The Liquidator. [Versionist]
  46. 03:24:27  Artibella Dub, by Solomon808. Austin, Texas, USA. [ReggaeDubwise]
  47. 03:27:05  Durban Dub, by The Ital Roots Players. UK. [ReggaeDubwise]
  48. 03:35:19  Closed For The Dub, by Dubwise Continuum. [Versionist]
  49. 03:38:21  A Brand New Dub, by Ironshirt. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[Versionist]
  50. 03:42:28  Dubbadisaoneya, by King Opossum[RDW]
  51. 03:46:52  Third Part Of The Rainbow (P.A.F. Remix), by Nawak British. Greece. [Maree Bass]
  52. 03:50:41  Cycladic Dub, by Vlastur. Greece. [OnDubGround]
  53. 03:56:33  Sadness, by Michael Exodus. Bristol, England.  [Woodland Records]
  54. 04:00:39  Be Yourself, by Dubstructor. Ontario, Canada. [RDW]
  55. 04:08:01  Cell-o-Dub (Suvorov riddim), by Jahpapu. Rostov on Don, Russia.  [Versionist]
  56. 04:12:08  Bubble (Manwel T Mix), by Brass Wood & Wires. Malta, France, Germany.   [Soundcloud]
  57. 04:16:38  Chains, by Guitoud. Nancy, France. [Fresh Poulp]
  58. 04:21:57  Dread Reckoning Dub, by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix].
  59. 04:25:56  Afterword by Don Letts. From Episode 3 of Reggae 45 Podcast with Turtle Bay.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License..

TDZ#200… The Best Exotic Dub Selecta…2018-09-20T15:27:16+00:00

TDZ#199… Infinity Dub…..

Infinity Dub … with tracks by ….  Dubmatix, Daddy Vertigo, Sista Ruby, Dub Shepherds, Roots Raid, Droegenbwoys, Art-X, Black Beanie Dub, Saadji., Izel, Tor.Ma in Dub, U-Niko Dubs

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#199… Infinity Dub…..2018-08-16T13:29:34+00:00

PCP#572… Fake Reality….

Fake Reality…….with tracks by … Meconio, Bill Laswell & Sacred System, Very Be Careful, Death & The Penguin, DJ ToKyO, Antelikteram, Noisefever, RAM 7, Dubmatix, Lisis, ProleteR, Tar Miles, Fezly.

  1. Masclisme de llei, by Meconio. Barcelona, Spain. [Bestiar]
  2. Black Lotus, by Bill Laswell & Sacred System. New York, USA. [SUBBASS]
  3. Hombrae De Malas, by Very Be Careful. Los Angeles, USA. [StoryAmp]
  4. The Calving Shuffle, by Death & The Penguin. London, England. [Bandcamp]
  5. Sambuca, by DJ ToKyO. USA. [OMEAC]
  6. Vendetta, by Antelikteram. Europe. [Shrammaka Recordings]
  7. Press Play To Star, by Noisefever. Unterensingen, Germany. [Kahvi]
  8. Dawonam Dakò, by RAM 7. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. [StoryAmp]
  9. Let The Good Time Roll ft Jr Yellam (Krak In Dub Remix), by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  10. Bienvenidos, by Lisis. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Musica Docil]
  11. What Lana Says, by ProleteR. Toulouse, France. [Bandcamp]
  12. Us Three, by Tar Miles. Athens, Greece. [Etched Traumas]
  13. Mercurius, by Fezly. Kizlyar, Russia. [MNMN]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#572… Fake Reality….2018-07-21T10:44:09+00:00

TDZ#197… Unconditional Dub…..

Unconditional Dub… with tracks by ….  Roots Zombie, Javier Martin Boix , Bass Culture Players, Dub Shepherds, Roots Raid, ODG, Dubmatix, PhOniAndFlOrE, Genesis, Dub Caravan, Med Dred, Fyahred, Michael Exodus.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#197… Unconditional Dub…..2018-06-23T16:19:24+00:00

TDZ#196… 11th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..

11th Anniversary Dub Selecta… with tracks by …Panda Dub, Tiburk, Dub Shepherd, Vibronics, Gradu Minimo, Ras Ta Mama, Sticky Joe, Ishiban, Phoniandflore, Sumac Dub, Bisou, Jean Paul Dub, Manwel , x3mys,  yAyoLand, Melbeat, Pirut, Pablo Raster, WuduB,s Wow Pufflo, Tanice Morisson, Dubblestandart, Rakoon, Bass Culture Players, The Heavy Soul, El Gaucho SoundSystem, Art-X, The Black Mantis Project, Feldub, Ranking Joe, Art-X, Massive Dub Corporation, DIY Sound, Marika, Saadji, Sly Robbie,  Dubmatix, Christina Polycarpou, Negritag, Skunkkut, Dub Engine, I Neurologici, Youthman, , Horace Anthony, Linval Thompso, Ben I Sabbah, Megative, Angelica Roots.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#196… 11th Anniversary Dub Selecta…..2018-05-26T13:47:00+00:00

TDZ#195… Love Not War (Continued)…..

Love Not War (Continued)… with tracks by ….  Jean Paul Dub, Skunk Kut, Horace Anthony, Linval Thompson, Dubmatix, Ishiban, Dubble, Sumac Dub, HabooDubz, Pirut, Pablo Raster.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#195… Love Not War (Continued)…..2018-04-21T11:09:51+00:00

TDZ#194… Freedom Dub…..

Freedom Dub… with tracks by ….  Skunk Kut, Tanice Morisson, Dubblestandart, Marika, Saadji, PhoniandFlore, Art-X, Dubmatix, Megative, Bisou, Sumac Dub.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#194… Freedom Dub…..2018-06-01T20:32:15+00:00

TDZ#193… Dubatomic …..

Dubatomic… with tracks by …. Sly & Robbie, Dubmatix, The Disciples, DIY Sound, Skunkkut, Melbeat, Splitz Horns, Vibronics, Jungle Weed, Foshan Roots, Feldub.

TDZ#193… Dubatomic …..2018-04-20T12:44:15+00:00

TDZ#192… Magnetic Dub …..

Magnetic Dub … with tracks by …. Jungle Weed, Angelica Roots, Bass Culture Players, Sticky Joe, Sly Dundar, Robbie Shakespear, Dubmatix, Melbeat, Feldub, Yuman’Dub, Sparky Riot, Massive Dub Corporation.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#192… Magnetic Dub …..2018-02-04T12:50:29+00:00

3 years ago…PCP#476… The Best of 2014…..

The Best of 2014… with tracks by…Electric Eye, The Beggars, The Yalla Yallas, Mess, Wreck, Dirty Primitives, The Dark Colours Since 1685, Railkid Station, Wieze Fabryk, Barbarossa, Highs, Mastermind XS, The New Mastersounds, Brown Rice Family, Dubmatix, Taj Weekes & Adowa, Hollie Cook, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Pellatronica,Steinregen Dubsystem, Downbeatdb,  Beats Antique, Dub Kirtan All Stars,  Zebbler Encanti Experience, Finnian, Muerte, Trilingo, Numa Crew, Taiwan MC,The Drumkilla, Neuroleptic Trio, ShoKKPoynT, Mischa Kreis, Vök, Tove Lo,  Las Kumbia Queers, Jalilah Raks Sharki, Damscray, Namgar,  Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Hassan Hakmoun, ICHI, HabibKoite, Badala Foly, Soraya Ksontini, Sound Menagerie, Cocek  Brass Band, Jaro Milko & The Cubalkanics, Swing Ninjas, Swingrowers, Lush , Ze Mateo.

  1. 6 am, by Electric Eye. Bergen, Norway. [Musebox]
  2. FRK (Make Up & Dancing Shoes), by The Beggars. Detroit, USA. [StoryAmp]
  3. Retaliation, by The Yalla Yallas. Leeds, England. [Artists Against Apartheid]
  4. Post Party Morning, by Mess. Moscow, Russia. [Southern City’s Lab]
  5. Tanpatuan, by Wreck. Bandung, Indonesia. [YesNoWave]
  6. My House, by Dirty Primitives. Lille, France.
  7. Midnight Train, by The Dark Colours Since 1685. Madrid, Spain. [Bandcamp]
  8. Right and Useless, by Railkid Station. Minsk,Belarus. [South City’s Lab]
  9. Front, by Wieze Fabryk. Loidz, Poland. [Zorch Factory Records]
  10. Turbine, by Barbarossa. London, England. [Viaduct Promotions]
  11. Still & Still, by Highs. Ontario, Canada. [Audio Blood]
  12. The Lost Smile, by Mastermind XS. Saarbrucken, Germany. [Soundcloud]
  13. Old Man Noises, by The New Mastersounds. Leeds, England. [StoryAmp]
  14. Latin Goes Ska, by Brown Rice Family. Brooklyn, USA. [StoryAmp]
  15. Don’t Pressurize Me, by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada.
  16. Peace and Love, by Taj Weekes & Adowa.  Saint Lucia.[RPS]
  17. Ari Up, by Hollie Cook. Brighton, England.
  18. Move, by Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. Rochester, USA / Malta.
  19. Menina Da Sera Recycled, by Pellatronica/Steinregen Dubsystem. Freiburg, Germany. [LCL] [FMA]
  20. Livity, by Downbeatdb. Mendoza, Argentina.  [Bandcamp]
  21. Puzzle, by Beats Antique. Oakland, California. [Bandcamp]
  22. Radhe Govinda feat. Chaytanya, by Dub Kirtan All Stars. Los Angeles, USA. [StoryAmp]
  23. Immediacy (ft. Ganavya), by Zebbler Encanti Experience. Boston, United States. [Gravitas]
  24. Mazel (v2), by Finnian. Vienna, Austria. [Ringe Raja Records]
  25. Mentalekeimbildung (feat. Muerte), by Trilingo. Munster, Germany. [Diversified]
  26. Roll It Up (Numa Crew remix), by Taiwan MC. Paris, France. [Chinese Man Records]
  27. Frozen Light, by The Drumkilla. Russia. [Geometry Recordings]
  28. AntigonaIsmene Variations 2, by Neuroleptic Trio. Subotica, Serbia. [FMA]
  29. Fountain Of Youth, by ShoKKPoynT. USA.[Bandcamp]
  30. Vladimir Poo, by Mischa Kreis. Russia. [Russian Techno]
  31. Vid Vökum, by Vök. Iceland. [Musebox]
  32. Habits, by Tove Lo. Stockholm, Sweden.
  33. Kumba Punk, by Las Kumbia Queers. Buenos Airies, Argentina. [RPS]
  34. Tales Of The Sahara, by Jalilah Raks Sharki. Egypt, Canada. [StoryAmp]
  35. Twist & Science, by Damscray. Orenburg, Russia. [Human Workshop]
  36. Khadadaa, by Namgar. [Globalfest] [RPS]
  37. Lo Thareeb Ana Wethroch, by Dudu Tassa & the Kuwaitis. Iraq/Israel. [RPS]
  38. Fables of Bidpai, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  39. Zidokan (Just Go), by Hassan Hakmoun. Marrakesh, Morocco. [RPS]
  40. Go Gagambo, by ICHI Bristol, England. [Viaduct Promotions]
  41. Diarabi Niani, by HabibKoite. Senegal.[RPS]
  42. Badala, by Badala Foly. Lille, France
  43. Woody & Me, by Soraya Ksontini. [Swiss Music Export]
  44. Stay With Me, by Sound Menagerie. Cambridge, England. [StoryAmp]
  45. Here Comes Shlomo, by Cocek  Brass Band. USA. [StoryAmp]
  46. Belly’s Bounce, by Jaro Milko & The Cubalkanics. Basel, Switzerland.[StoryAmp]
  47. Primate Shake, by Swing Ninjas. Brighton, England. [Speakeasy Electro Swing]
  48. Via Con Me, by Swingrowers. Palermo, Italy.  [Freshly Squeezed]
  49. Hova (feat. Lush One), by Ze Mateo. France. [Chinese Man Records]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

3 years ago…PCP#476… The Best of 2014…..2017-10-25T09:47:04+00:00

TDZ#190… Dub Line…..

Dub Line… with tracks by …. , Natty Nature, Bass Culture, Dubmatix , Megative, Foshan Roots, Ben I Sabbah, EugeneKha, KingFly, Koala Dub Squad., PTC Vienna, Eter Dub.

TDZ#190… Dub Line…..2018-04-20T12:44:18+00:00

6 years ago… PCP#375… Down By The Sea

Down by The Sea…with tracks by …  Kalina Kicks, Dubmatix, Foldplop, Andreia Dacal, Citizen Sound, Murkertrer, Burhan Öcal, Triple Drop, Rudy Alba And The Trinity All Stars, Ras Amerlock, Eccodek.

6 years ago… PCP#375… Down By The Sea2018-04-20T12:44:18+00:00

TDZ#189… Dub Profile…..

Dub Profile… with tracks by …. Massive Dub Corporation, Bass Culture Players, Marina P & The Radiators, HabooDubz,  Manwell T, yAyoLand, Linval Thompson, Dubmatix, Mystic Fyah.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

TDZ#189… Dub Profile…..2017-11-09T11:46:09+00:00
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