PCP#548… Infusion…

Infusion….with tracks by …Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Juny, Lo Ramonet, MC N.E.D, Raggasapiens, PlusStepper, Dissolv, Redco, Edamame, Teppana, Aquatone, Koti & Thee Immigrants, Willy Crook, Darkside, Sumergido, Backdoor Beauty.

As I start my 13th year in podcasting I can reflect on…..

  • 7 different podcasts
  • 12 years of activity
  • 1342 podcast episodes
  1. Twitter Riot, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France.
  2. Memories, by Juny. [Bestiar Netlabel]
  3. El Gran Mercader, by Lo Ramonet. Barcelona, Spain. [Bestiar Netlabel]
  4. UA Reggae Massive (feat. MC N.E.D. from Raggasapiens), by PlusStepper. Odessa/Kiev, Ukraine. [ODG]
  5. Fertileyes, by Dissolv. California, USA. [Gravitas]
  6. Syla Dobra!, by Redco and Raggasapiens. Kyiv, Ukraine [Soundcloud]
  7. Kishi Kaisei, by Edamame. Chicago, USA. [Gravitas]
  8. Sleep, by Teppana. Kajaani, Finland. [Phonocake]
  9. Singing Dunes, by Aquatone. Moscow, Russia [United Studios]
  10. Send Me Through the Gate, by Koti & Thee Immigrants. Curitiba, Brazil.  [The Death Roots Syndicate]
  11. Soul Mate (feat Willy Crook), by Darkside. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Dusted Wax Kingdom]
  12. Red, by Sumergido. Rosario, Argentina. [Planeta X]
  13. Corn, by Backdoor Beauty. Russia. [MNMN]

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