Strobotone – Flashback Forward [iD.067]

This is Martin “Strobotone” Dombrowa’s debut album on Germany’s Id.EOLOGY label. “Flashback Forward” is designed to propel the listener back and forth through the major dance grooves of the last few decades.

The album begins with “Ultimate”, a nice dance groove worthy of anything done by Underworld. Track 2 “Kites” has a nice retro feel, reminiscent of work from Swedish producer Voide.

By the time we make it through “Fission Precision” into “Good Dressed” the grooves are picking up Hip-Hop influences, and by “Paperworks” there are breakbeat and experimental soundtrack themes competing.

“Artificial Intelligence” brings in jazzy & funky beats and “Insensate” lays down a strong techno/house beat that is hard to resist. “Theoretical Romance” has a different house feel and is the last of the full-on tracks, before leading into the more downtempo “Terraform”, which almost breaks into some DnB before gliding into the mellow “Venusian Clouds” to (unfortunately) bring you back into reality.

As an experiment in juxtaposing and interweaving different genres this album is very accomplished. Sure I’d like to have heard something that tips its hat towards dub or dubstep, but that’s my personal preference, not Strobotone’s. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this album whatever your preference.

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