PCP#755… Crisis Talks? What Crisis Talks?…

Crisis Talks? What Crisis Talks?…… with tracks by…Minimal Orchestra, Rorschack, Tobisonics, Static In Verona, Floral Image,  Merav Stylee, Gregi, The Churchill Garden, Niteffect, PierrotheMoon, Bemore, Iliaque, Vietnam II

  1. Minimal Orchestra – A Glimpse [IOT Records]
  2. Rorschack – Synchronicity [Jumpsuit Records]
  3. Tobisonics – Panic
  4. Static In Verona – Only Shadows [Tribe Of Sound]
  5. Floral Image – Magic Train [Puffer Fish Press]
  6. Merav Stylee – Killing [Culture Dub Records]
  7. Gregi – From Creation [Insectorama]
  8. The Churchill Garden – Always There [Puffer Fish Press]
  9. Niteffect – Midnight Drive [Bandcamp]
  10. PierrotheMoon – Manhandled Dub [Rumpf Records]
  11. Bemore – Drive [Virtual Soundsystem Records]
  12. Iliaque – Adage [Bandcamp]
  13. Vietnam II – Killer Blue [Blocsonic]

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