PCP#760… Neurogliding….

Neurogliding…… with tracks by…Isa & The Filthy Tongues, The Appetizers, K.óla, Palmer, Oowets, Ivan Shoukhtin, Cairo Trip Hop Underground, WebCam, Oizak, Telematic Visions, The Pierre Richard’s Family, Penguin Sound, Tricktease, Patscan

  1. Isa & The Filthy Tongues – Education [pcp#118, 11th April 2007]
  2. The Appetizers – Walk The Long Way [RDX Promo]
  3. K.óla – Dansa meira [Post-Dreifing]
  4. Palmer – Selene ft. Kadum (DSRPTV Remix) [DSRPTV Records]
  5. Oowets – Daydream (Vermelho Remix) [DSRPTV Records]
  6. Ivan Shoukhtin – Electronic Feel [Murmure Intemporel]
  7. Cairo Trip Hop Underground – Mata Hari [pcp#20, 29th April 2006]
  8. WebCam – Curfew [The Committee for Sonic Research]
  9. Oizak – D‚ploiement Tangentiel [Indie Rock Mag]
  10. Telematic Visions – Back To [Maltine Records]
  11. The Pierre Richard’s Family – Les vaches [pcp#201, 26th Jan 2008]
  12. Penguin Sound, Tricktease – Ionize [Culture Dub Records]
  13. Patscan – Stum Futter [Digital Distortions]

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