9 years ago… PCP#242… If I Was A Girl…..?

9 years ago… PCP#242… If I Was A Girl….. with tracks by… Doug Ferony, DoublePark, Hetluft, Nacional, Dubtrak, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Hey Ocean, Secret Archives Of The Vatican, Magic Slim & The Teardrop, The Raveonettes.

  1. I Ain’t Got You, by Doug Ferony. New York, USA.[PMN]
  2. If I Was A Girl, by DoublePark. Stockholm, Sweden. [UNA Promotion]
  3. Train To Stockholm, by Hetluft.Sweden.[PMN]
  4. Lucas, by Nacional. Glasgow, Scotland.[Art Goes Pop]
  5. Dubtrak Wobble, by Dubtrak. Ontario, Canada.[PMN]
  6. Let’s Call This A Map, by We Were Promised Jetpacks. Glasgow, Scotland.[Art Goes Pop]
  7. Alleyways, by Hey Ocean. Vancouver, BC, Canada. [The Musebox]
  8. Law Bringer, by Secret Archives Of The Vatican. Croydon, England.[Myspace]
  9. What Is That You Got?, by Magic Slim & The Teardrops.Mississippi, USA. [Promonet]
  10. Blackwhite, by The Raveonettes. New York, USA.[PMN]

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