PCP#456… Still cool after all these years!

Still cool after all these years!…. with tracks by…Electric Eye, T-Woc, Artroniks, MC Zulu, Dub Gabriel, Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders, Incontrol, Blank Banshee, Lata, Muerte, Trilingo, Sunbri, Indidginus, Suplington, Soulular, Jameston Thieves, Shwex, Zebbler Encanti Experience

PCP#456... Still cool after all these years!
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  1. 6 am, by Electric Eye. Bergen, Norway. [Musebox]
  2. Sufferrers, by T-Woc. Dublin, Ireland. [Invisible Agent Records]
  3. No Lies (Artroniks Remix) (feat. MC Zulu), by Dub Gabriel. San Francisco, USA.[Reggae Record Downloads]
  4. Dumb Love by Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders. Sydney, Australia. [Hurtsville]
  5. Baton Rouge, by Incontrol. France. [Speakeasy Electro Swing]
  6. Eco Zones, by Blank Banshee. Canada. [Bandcamp]
  7. Linda Cusqueña, by Lata. Santiago, Chile. [Caballito]
  8. Mentalekeimbildung (feat. Muerte), by Trilingo. Munster, Germany. [Diversified]
  9. Summer Wind, by Sunbri. Moscow, Russia. [Geometry Recordings]
  10. Gun Down, by Indidginus. UK.
  11. Escapism, by Suplington. Watford, England. [Soundcloud]
  12. Icaro, by Soulular. [Gravitas]
  13. Dagga, by Jameston Thieves. California/Arizona, USA. [Zouk Bass Volume 3]
  14. Psychic Projections (Shwex Remix), by Zebbler Encanti Experience. Minnesota, USA [Gravitas]

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PCP#443… DJ Machine!…

DJ Machine!…with Tracks by Indidginus, Jake Scarbrough, Louis Lingg and the Bombs, The Black Angels, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Tahar Momoproject, Banco De Gaia, Gaudi, Moon Veil, Psymbionic, Minnesota, Wolf Nilson Trio, Woodcabin, Blossom, Pony Bravo, Zeno, MC Zulu, Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones.

PCP#443... DJ Machine!...
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  1. Bhangragga (Hold Dat Gyal), by Indidginus . UK.
  2. See Where The Night Goes, by Jake Scarbrough. [Gravitas]
  3. I Wish I Was Dead, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France.
  4. Don’t Play Wuith Guns, by The Black Angels. Austin, USA.
  5. Children of Mars, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  6. Hurriya (feat. Tahar Momoproject) (Banco De Gaia Remix), by Gaudi. London, England. [Six Degrees Records]
  7. Loveless, by  Moon Veil. Palmerston, Canada.[Curious Absurdities]
  8. Stardust Redux (Psymbionic Remix), by Minnesota. Austin, USA. [Gravitas]
  9. Auf Der Anderen Seite (On The Other Side), by Wolf Nilson Trio. Germany. [CS3]
  10. People, by Woodcabin. Jatinangor, Indonesia. [YesNoWave]
  11. Blue Balloons, by Blossom. Slaskie, Poland. [Export]
  12. China da Miedo, by Pony Bravo. Seville, Spain. [El Rancho]
  13. DJ Machine, by Zeno and MC Zulu. Colorado, USA. [Crazy Language]
  14. Hairy Monsters, by Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones. Birmingham, England. [Dandelion Radio]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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PCP#421… Trick Or Tweet?…

PCP#421... Trick Or Tweet?...

Trick Or Tweet?…with tracks by…. Robert Soko, Slavic Soul Party, Echomer, Dub Gabriel, MC Zulu, Ghosts Of Paraguay, Locomondo, Receptor, Aayu, Lata, 2Pasos, No Finger Nails.

PCP#421… Trick Or Tweet?…2018-04-20T12:45:30+00:00
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