PCP#315… Cooooee…?

with tracks by…Baga Sound System, Wild Moccasins, Pocket Gods, Max Pashm, Soap Company, Memphis Morticians, Pinker Tones, Procedure Club, Aruba Red, Philadelphia Grand Jury.

[wpaudio url=https://m.podshow.com/media/2585/episodes/238537/pcpodcast-238537-07-03-2010.mp3 text= “PCP#315”]
  1. U Centru Dungle, by Baga Sound System. Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegowina. [ReggaeDubwise]
  2. Skin Collision Past, by Wild Moccasins . Houston, Texas, USA.  [Promonet] .
  3. Sunny Blunts, by The Pocket Gods.St Albans, England. [Promonet]
  4. Klezmernaki, by Max Pashm. Brighton, England. [Myspace]
  5. Independence Day, by The Soap Company. Croydon, England. [Myspace]
  6. Spook Factor, by Memphis Morticians. NYC,USA. [MusicAlley]
  7. Sampleame, by The Pinker Tones.Barcelona, Spain. [Promonet]
  8. Feel Sorry For Me, by Procedure Club . New Haven, USA. [Promonet]
  9. Getaway Driver, by Aruba Red. London, England.
  10. Going To The Casino (Tomorrow Night), by the Philadelphia Grand Jury. Florida, USA.

Skin Collision PastWild Moccasins
“Skin Collision Past” (mp3)
from “Skin Collision Past”
(Team Science)

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NercherThe Pocket Gods
“Sunny Blunts” (mp3)
from “Nercher”
(Nub Country Records)

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ModularThe Pinker Tones
“Sampleame” (mp3)
from “Modular”
(Nacional Records)

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Doomed ForeverProcedure Club
“Feel Sorry For Me” (mp3)
from “Doomed Forever”
(Slumberland Records)

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