PCP#542… Winter Breeze

Winter Breeze…with tracks by … Crush, Kronutz, Bottlesmoker, Hayvanlar Alemi, Silent Forum, CPH321, Mile Twelve, Beach Girls and the Monster, HuNTTeRR, For Example John, Paa Kow, J.G.G, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Black Fjords.

  1. Please Me, by Crush. Graz, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
  2. East Indies (feat. Kronutz), by Bottlesmoker. Bandung, Indonesia. [Bandcamp]
  3. Equatorial Lies, by Hayvanlar Alemi. Ankara, Turkey. [Pakapi Records]
  4. Humility, by Silent Forum. Cardiff, Wales. [Bandcamp]
  5. Plein Soleil, by CPH321. France. [Bandcamp]
  6. Wickwire, by Mile Twelve. USA/New Zealand. [StoryAmp]
  7. Surfing in the Winter Breeze, by Beach Girls and the Monster. Vienna, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
  8. Disco Droids, by HuNTTeRR. Russia. [United Studios Corporation]
  9. Steuergelderzahlerschänder (Tax Payers’ Money), by For Example John. Cologne, Germany.[Der Kleine Gruene Wuerfel]
  10. Pete Pete, by Paa Kow. Ghana. [StoryAmp]
  11. CO , by J.G.G. Barcelona, Catalonia. [Bandcamp]
  12. Fold Your Dark Locks, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Bandcamp]
  13. Surf or Die, by Black Fjords. Graz, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]

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