PCP#562… That Sinking Feeling….

That Sinking Feeling…with tracks by …Tarolin, Huntterr,  Candélabre, Stally and the Breadwinners, Exxe, Molly Tigre, Nest Egg, Too Much, Bisou, E.K, Luke Vibert, T.K. Bollinger and That Sinking Feeling.

  1. Fuyajougeki – Freaky Pageant, by Tarolin. Berlin/Mannheim Germany. [Ringe Raja Records]
  2. Impulse. Second Level, by Huntterr. Moscow, Russia. [USC]
  3. Ceremony Of Shame, by Candélabre. Toulouse, France. [Solange endormie Records]
  4. Bring It Back, by Stally and the Breadwinners. [Dan Dada Records]
  5. You’re Dark Brown Eyes, by Exxe. Switzerland. [Starfrosch]
  6. Lebanese Blond, by Molly Tigre. New York, USA. [StoryAmp]
  7. DMTIV, by Nest Egg. Asheville, North Carolina, USA. [Fuzz Club]
  8. Interview with Omar Willey from the Seattle Star.
  9. Running In The Rain, by Too Much. Austin, Texas. [Gravitas]
  10. Hard Fragility, by Bisou. Montpellier, France. [ODG]
  11. Yesterday She Existed, by E.K. Russia. [MNMN]
  12. Jungle Hitler, by Luke Vibert. UK. [Balkan Recordings]
  13. To Lose the Darkness, by T.K. Bollinger and That Sinking Feeling. Melbourne, Australia. [Death Roots Syndicate]

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