with tracks by…. William J. le Petomane, Barry Adamson, Nahuatl Sound System, Mystific, X-Press 2, Mr E, Tribuman, Papamobile, Leyan & Tomap, Chinese Man, Scofferlane, Noah’s Boat, Anneka, Jean Goldkette And His Orchestra.
  1. Get Up (Leyan & Tomap Remix), by Chinese Man. France. [Chinese Man Records]
  2. Veto, by Scofferlane. Moscow, Russia. [AF-Music]

Grumbler’s sponsorship page to raise money for Oxfam by completing the Trailtrekker challenge.  They will walk 60 Miles in less than 30 hours.

Mark Lee (of the Pocket Gods) autobiography. I plan an interview with Mark about this in a future podcast.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License .

PCP#386… SNAFU…2023-02-25T16:10:34+00:00

TDZ#107…Aztec Dub…

With tracks by…Liquid Stranger, Nahuatl Sound System, DuBoLoGy, Manudub, Les Desaxes, One Blood & Nedblia, Dubsalon, Bass Culture Players.

TDZ#107…Aztec Dub…2018-04-20T12:46:05+00:00
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