PCP#500… From The Archives (Part #1)…..

From The Archives (Part #1)  …with tracks by… Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Slavic Soul Party, Dubmatix, Ranking Joe, Nate Wize, Honningbarna, Chinese Man, Jacco Gardner, Biting Elbows, Dub Addiction meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown, Super Water Sympathy, LukHash, Angelo Taylor, Lola Dutronic, Nordic Giants, Tove Lo, Jackson Firebird, Dum Dum Girls, Swami, Robert Soko, Hollie Cook, Mokoomba, Deluxe, Plex Rock, Taiwan MC, Karoshi Bros.

  1. Destroy Civilisation, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France [Jamendo]
  2. Sing Sing Cocek (Robert Soko Remix) by Slavic Soul Party. Berlin, Germany. [Story Amp]
  3. Give Thanks & Praises (feat. Ranking Joe), by Dubmatix meets Nate Wize. Ontario, Canada. [Bandcamp]
  4. Dodtid (Downtime), by Honningbarna (Honey Children), Kristiansand, Norway.
  5. Miss Chang, by Chinese Man. France. [Chinese Man Records]
  6. Clear The Air, by Jacco Gardner. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  7. Dope Fiend Massacre, by Biting Elbows . Moscow, Russia.  [Jamendo]
  8. Ganja Dub, by Dub Addiction meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. [Metal Postcard Records]
  9. Sunday School Dress, by Super Water Sympathy. Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. [In Music We Trust]
  10. 8 Bit No Tamashi, by LukHash . Poland.  [Jamendo]
  11. Starry Angel, by Angelo Taylor. Russia. [02]
  12. Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead, by Lola Dutronic. Berlin, Germany & Toronto, Canada. [Red Star Music]
  13. Shine (feat. Cate Ferris), by Nordic Giants . Brighton, England.
  14. Habits (Stay High), by Tove Lo. Stockholm, Sweden.
  15. 411 Positrac, by Jackson Firebird. Mildura, Northern Victoria, Australia.
  16. Bedroom Eyes, by Dum Dum Girls . California, USA.  [Sub Pop]
  17. Back It Up (Desi Mix), by Swami. UK [SwamiMusic]
  18. Buchalter Joint, by Robert Soko. Berlin, Germany. [Flip Switch]
  19. Tiger Balm, by Hollie Cook. Brighton, England.
  20. Njoka, by Mookoomba. Zimbabwe. [Story Amp]
  21. Superman (feat. Plex Rock & Taiwan MC), by Deluxe. Aix en Provence, France. [Chinese Man Records]
  22. Love The World, by Karoshi Bros. UK. [Myspace]

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PCP#500… From The Archives (Part #1)…..2018-04-20T12:44:38+00:00

TDZ#115… Dub Battle …

With tracks by…. Linval Thompson, Nate Wize, Dubmatix, Messian Dread, Dr. Remix,  Zikali, Delhi 2 Dublin, Tony Dubshot, Dub Connexion, Volfoniq.

TDZ#115… Dub Battle …2018-04-20T12:45:52+00:00

PCP#372… Get Yer Coat…

with tracks by …  Gateway, Pistolera, TriBeCaStan, Chinese Man, Mighty Howard), Livity Access, Non Stop Bhangra, Balanceman, Boss Bass, Balkan Beat Box, Ranking Joe, Nate Wize, Dubmatix.
PCP#372… Get Yer Coat…2018-04-20T12:46:02+00:00

PCP#307……Mayday Madness…

PCP#307……Mayday Madness…

With tracks by….Menzingers, Pixieguts, Voide, Dubmatix, Nate Wize, Ranking Joe, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Spidersleg, Nobless Oblige, Luciano, Fed Conti, Existers, San Toy, Skalissai

[wpaudio url=”https://m.podshow.com/media/2585/episodes/229003/pcpodcast-229003-05-01-2010.mp3″ text=”PCP#307″]
  1. I Was Born, by The Menzingers. Philadelphia, USA. [Promonet]
  2. Side By Side (feat. Pixieguts), by Voide. Stockholm, Sweden. [Bandcamp]
  3. Give Thanks & Praises (feat. Ranking Joe), by Dubmatix meets Nate Wize. Ontario, Canada. [Bandcamp]
  4. Gold and Slaves, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. [Broken drum records]
  5. Beck and Call (Spidersleg Remix), by Noblesse Oblige. Berlin, Germany.
  6. Won’t Get Fooled Again, by Luciano. Jamaica, [Promonet]
  7. 007, by Fed Conti. Torino, Italy. [Promonet]
  8. Future Shock, by Existers. Toronto, Canada.
  9. Strike Like Lightning, by San Toy. Glasgow, Scotland. [Jamendo]

10.  Sentint-te, by Skalissai. Valencia, Spain [Jamendo]

The Menzingers
“I Was Born” (mp3)
from “Chamberlain Waits”
(Red Scare)

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“Won’t Get Fooled Again” (mp3)
from “Out Here in the Fields – Legends of Reggae Celebrate the Who”
(Red Hillz Music)

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Fed Conti
“007” (mp3)
from “Spy Stories”
(Mahjong Music LTD)

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