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Needle In The Groove

Checkout the Needle In The Groove netlabel for some eclectic hip-hop. The label is based in Lincoln, here in the UK, but features Hip-Hop from all over the world. Definitley going to serve up something in PCP soon, but check them out for yourselves!

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New beats from Budapest

Been checking out the latest offerings from the  Budabeats netlabel, which, unsurprisingly, is a label based in Budapest, Hungary.  Some seriously curious music coming out of this label, so be warned! The next PC Podcast may have the weirdness turned up to eleven!

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Remember to take your soundpill…

Big thank’s to netlabellover over at twitter for telling me about, which is a new netlabel to me. This is what they say about themselves… is an electronic music netlabel which has been founded for distribute quality electronic music in several genres (ambient, space music, breakbeat, minimal, lounge, experimental, etc…). Download free our mp3 albums!
If you are an electronic music artist and you want to belong a fantastic community, feel free to write a mail to us and keep in touch!

Checkout the player at

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