What’s new for Netlabel Day 2022?

Netlabel Day has been going since 2015, but was almost cancelled this year, following the difficult years of the COVID Pandemic. Omar Willey from the Seattle Star has now taken the reins and I met up with him yesterday, one month to the day before the event on 14th July and discussed what it is all about, what is going to change, what you can expect to happen and how you can get involved.  I, naturally, recorded the discussion and it’s now available on YouTube…..

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It’s Netlabel Day 2020

It’s Netlabel Day 2020 and over at https://netlabelday.com there are already 47 albums that have been released today. This is what the Netlabel community is all about – celebrating the best in creative commons licensed, quite often free-to-download music by people for the people.

The traditional music industry is broken. This is the future, and it’s been the future since 2016 when Netlabel Day started.

Checkout some new music today!

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