PCP#654… Other fruits are available!…

Other fruits are available…with tracks by… , PierrotheMoon, Fantomaticos, Lootah, Mixwell, Os Kiezos, Balkan Bump, Beats Antique, Fsplekx, Degiheugi, Zackarose, General Bundi, Nomatx, Jmmstr, Kinetik, Newselph, The Missing Watermelon.

  1. Big For Your Love, by PierrotheMoon. Germany. [Bandcamp]
  2. Seu Chocolate, by Fantomaticos. Brazil. [StoryAmp]
  3. The Corner, by Lootah. [Crudo Bilbao]
  4. Comboio (Mixwell Edit), by Os Kiezos. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. [Latino Resiste]
  5. The Devil Dance (with Balkan Bump), by Beats Antique. Oakland, California, USA. [Bandcamp]
  6. Yoiqqe, by Fsplekx. Russia. [Nenormalizm]
  7. Revenge Of Favelas, by Degiheugi & Zackarose. Laval & Lyon, France. [Trip-hop.net]
  8. Zion (feat. General Bundi), by Nomatx. [Maree Bass]
  9. Jingo (Jmmstr Edit), by Jmmstr. Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [Spa In Disco]
  10. The Simple Life, by Kinetik & Newselph. Seattle, Washington, USA. [Illect Records]
  11. Blades, by The Missing Watermelon. Barcelona, Catlonia, Spain. [Bestiar Netlabel]

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