PCP#825… The Best of 2023…

The Best of 2023……with tracks by…Tukisigure, Dirty Laces, Pusta Przestrzen, Chafouin, Arabia Saudade, Deadletter, Hotel Art, Portron Portron Lopez, Genn, Ryan Richardson, Panic Shack, The Dirt, The Tin Turtles, Dust, Ókindarhjarta, Dr Peel, Deka Sul, The Polish Ambassador, Bantu ft Akua Naru, Goat, Pepino Pascual, Mark Wonder, SaQi, Bon Enfant, L’Eclair, Ash Walker, MickyB & Arky Starch, Séfar, The Springtones, Alright Mela, The Scorpios, Reggaddiction, Lord Sassafras, Phoniandflore, Death & Vanilla, Akriza & Mah Ze Tar, The Disco Viking, Tracie Frank, Awka, Bachir Salloum, Chernov, Psychadelik Pedestrian, KMalectro, Kiwa, AD-keY, Astro Luce, Gatien, Suzanne Belaubre, Ayla Nereo

  • 0:00:27  Tukisigure – Tears [Bandcamp]
  • 0:04:22  Dirty Laces – Seeker [Puffer Fish Press]
  • 0:07:56  Pusta Przestrzen – Postpostpostpostindustrialny swiat [Bonimedia]
  • 0:10:50  Chafouin – Et Fanto dans tout ca. [Do It Youssef!]
  • 0:13:24  Arabia Saudade – Le Petit Senegallia [Lepers Produtcions]
  • 0:15:43  Deadletter – Binge [Bandcamp]
  • 0:18:58  Hotel Art – Raised On Television [Muso Soup]
  • 0:21:53  Portron Portron Lopez – A Stranger I May Be [Do It Youssef!]
  • 0:24:41  Genn – Days and Nights [bandcamp]
  • 0:27:46  Ryan Richardson – Punch Once And Run [Bandcamp]
  • 0:30:34  Panic Shack – Jiu Jits You [Bandcamp]
  • 0:33:23  The Dirt – Ignorance Is Bliss [Puffer Fish Press]
  • 0:36:41  The Tin Turtles – Animal Happiness [Poli5]
  • 0:40:28  Dust – Joy (Guilt) [Bandcamp]
  • 0:44:32  Ókindarhjarta – Dystópíski draumurinn [Post-Dreifing]
  • 0:47:24  Dr Peel – You’ll Never Know [Muso Soup]
  • 0:50:31  Deka Sul, The Polish Ambassador – Savannah [Jumpsuit Records]
  • 0:54:01  Bantu ft Akua Naru – Na Me Own My Body [NYP Records]
  • 0:59:16  Goat – Under No Nation [Bandcamp]
  • 1:02:24  Pepino Pascual – Bottom Swing [StoryAmp]
  • 1:07:15  Mark Wonder – African People [Explorations In Dub]
  • 1:10:18  SaQi – Matador [Jumpsuit Records]
  • 1:13:44  Bon Enfant – Magie [Bandcamp]
  • 1:17:51  L’Eclair – Dallas
  • 1:21:14  Ash Walker – Babylonian Triangle of Captivity [RDX Promo]
  • 1:24:15  MickyB & Arky Starch – Running
  • 1:27:57  Séfar – Dawiné [MaAuLa Records]
  • 1:33:10  The Springtones – High on Your Love (One Drop Version) [Cry No More Recordings]
  • 1:37:10  Alright Mela – Sidi Taxi [MaAuLa Records]
  • 1:41:29  The Scorpios – Mashena (We Want)
  • 1:44:38  Reggaddiction – Are You Ready for the Country (feat. Lord Sassafras) [RDX Promo]
  • 1:47:08  Phoniandflore – Step in Balkan [Direct From Artist]
  • 1:52:50  Death & Vanilla – Out For Magic [Bandcamp]
  • 1:55:50  Akriza & Mah Ze Tar – Cosmic Odissi [Bandcamp]
  • 2:00:11  The Disco Viking – Boogie (feat. Tracie Frank) [Jamendo]
  • 2:04:11  Awka – Arya [Seven Villas Music]
  • 2:10:02  Bachir Salloum – Head Above Water [3rd Avenue]
  • 2:17:55  Chernov – Olimpiya [The Audio Atelier]
  • 2:23:23  Psychadelik Pedestrian – All Of Time [Toucan Music]
  • 2:29:01  KMalectro – Chez Moi [Muso Soup]
  • 2:31:28  Kiwa – Just A Hack [Gravitas]
  • 2:36:19  AD-keY – Alles Was Ich Will (All I Want) [Side-Line Magazine]
  • 2:39:51  Astro Luce – Fallin [Routine Espresso Recordings]
  • 2:42:28  Gatien – Une longue journée de travail (avec Suzanne Belaubre) [La Souterraine]
  • 2:45:50  Ayla Nereo – Fire [Jumpsuit Records]

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PCP#790… Experiments With Magic Potions…

Experiments With Magic Potions… with tracks by…Deadpeach, Goat, Subatomic Sound, Lee Scratch Perry, Screechy Dan, Fields Ohio, Japanese Television, Ástþór Örn,  Inna Baba, The Wandering Off, Psychadelik Pedestrian, Mark Wonder, Pennine Suite, Windows, Janax Pacha

  1. Deadpeach – Magic Potion [Muso Soup]
  2. Goat – Under No Nation [Bandcamp]
  3. Subatomic Sound, Lee Scratch Perry and Screechy Dan – Dub Organizer [RDX Promo]
  4. Fields Ohio – Codex Regius [Bandcamp]
  5. Japanese Television – Tick Tock [Bandcamp]
  6. Ástþór Örn – Gunslinger [Post-Dreifing]
  7. Inna Baba – Allah Hokkou Djam [StoryAmp]
  8. The Wandering Off – Hey There [Muso Soup]
  9. Psychadelik Pedestrian – Relay [Toucan Music]
  10. Mark Wonder – African People [Explorations In Dub]
  11. Pennine Suite – MOWO (My Own Way Out) [Puffer Fish Press]
  12. Windows – High Sierra Lows [Muso Soup]
  13. Janax Pacha – Kukul Balam (Hajna Remix) [Bandcamp]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

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PCP#789… Added Magic…

Added Magic…with tracks by… Sunbeam, Death & Vanilla,  Delta 78, Roots Raid, Mael Cageron, Sarvica, The Daylight, Agressive Soccer Moms, Psychadelik Pedestrian, The Dirt, Chip Pirrs,  Fields Ohio,  Dillard, Gaudi

  1. Sunbeam – Empire [Muso Soup]
  2. Death & Vanilla – Out For Magic [Bandcamp]
  3. Delta 78 – Nimbus [Toucan Music]
  4. Roots Raid – Pulsar (avec Ma‰l Cageron) [La Souterraine][ODG]
  5. Sarvica – Sistema en Tick Tack [Latino Resiste]
  6. The Daylight – The Echo [Bandcamp]
  7. Agressive Soccer Moms – Darling [Muso Soup]
  8. Psychadelik Pedestrian – All Of Time [Toucan Music]
  9. The Dirt – Crying Out Loud [Puffer Fish Press]
  10. Chip Pirrs – No Motion [Muso Soup]
  11. Fields Ohio – Skogul Shakes [Bandcamp]
  12. Dillard – Botany Agent [Gravitas]
  13. Gaudi – Shakatak [Dubophonic]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

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PCP#676… Primordial.…

Primordial. .. with tracks by … Traams, Masaru Saito, Psychadelik Pedestrian, IJO, J B Kings, Montesco, Toello, Manwel T, R.M., O.P.A.L. , Potential Bad Boy, MC Fats, Der Waldlaeufer, Byron Metcalf.
  1. Intercontinental Radio Waves, by Traams. Chichester, England. [Bandcamp]
  2. NQT, by Masaru Saito. Oska, Japan. [Bandcamp]
  3. Travels in the north (remix), by Psychadelik Pedestrian[Toucan Music]
  4. Inter Revolution, by IJOVilnius, Lithuania. [Bandcamp]
  5. Congo Conga Groove, by J B Kings. Toronro, Canada. [Dubmatix]
  6. Deseos, by Montesco. Lisbon, Portugal. [Skalator Music]
  7. I Follow, by Toello. Lithuania. [Gergaz]
  8. Eternal Horns, by Manwel T. Malta. [Dubkey]
  9. Muso, by R.M[Chikyu-u Records]
  10. A Long Afternoon, by O.P.A.L. San Juan, Puerto Rico. [Royo y Negro]
  11. Don’t Stop, by Potential Bad Boy & MC Fats[RDX Promo]
  12. Iris, by Der WaldlaeuferKassel, Germany.
  13. Primordial Recognition, by Byron MetcalfPrescott Valley, Arizona, USA. [Bandcamp]

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PCP#593… Around The Bend….

Around The Bend…. with tracks by … Jabbadub, The Fighting Jamesons Bruno Browning, Rudebot, TravelerZ, Psychadelik Pedestrian, Oldy Clap Recordz, Fluffy Inside, Dafrebos, Dreadsquad, Globular, The String Cheese Incident, Beats Antique, Lee Rosevere.

  1. Po co, by Jabbadub. Wroclaw, Poland. [Paproota]
  2. Around The Bend, by The Fighting Jamesons. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. [Bandcamp]
  3. Passport (Wolfes Mix), by Bruno Browning. Las Vegas, USA.
  4. Hello Floppy, by Rudebot. Gotenburg, Sweden.
  5. Situation, by TravelerZ. [ODG]
  6. Fledgling (Notch Remix), by Psychadelik Pedestrian. [Toucan Music]
  7. Pantone 485C, by Oldy Clap Recordz.
  8. Back to Basics, by Fluffy Inside. [Kahvi]
  9. Taking Antimatters Into My Own Hands, by Dafrebos. St Petersburg / Clearwater, Florida, USA. [Antill Recordings]
  10. Any Means Necessary (Version), by Dreadsquad. Poland. [Facebook]
  11. For The Time Being (Drastic Early Iteration), by Globular. Bristol England. [Bandcamp]
  12. Bhangra Saanj, by The String Cheese Incident & Beats Antique. Oakland, USA. [Bandcamp]
  13. Maitri, by Lee Rosevere. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. [Happy Puppy Records]

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PCP#535… Esoteric Dance (Netlabel Day 2017, Part 4)…

Esoteric Dance…with tracks by …Nosilla Musicales, Mefedronowy Baron, Heskin Radiophonic, Kid Cala, Palsekam, Adori Office, Ethers, Aerologic, Psychadelik Pedestrian, Um, Tyrantbane, N’toko, BeatMyth, JM.

  1. Salvaje Agosto, by Nosilla Musicales. Mexico. [Nacion Libre]
  2. Buty Yeezy (Instrumental), by Mefedronowy Baron. Warsaw, Poland. [Cowshed]
  3. Fragment Dub, by Heskin Radiophonic. UK. [Fwonk]
  4. Bangu, by Kid Cala. Madrid, Spain. [Cabalitto]
  5. People in The Sink, by Palsekam. [Nenormalizm Records]
  6. Two Ships, by Adori Office. Budapest, Hungary. [Weakie Disks]
  7. The Nothing, by Ethers. Krasnodar, Russia. [Southern City’s Lab]
  8. Drones (Aerologic remix), by Psychadelik Pedestrian. UK. [Toucan]
  9. Esoteric Dance, by Um. Russia. [MNMN]
  10. Despot, by Tyrantbane. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  11. G Minor (feat. N’toko), by BeatMyth. Ljubljana, Slovenia. [Kamizdat]
  12. Situation Awareness, by JM. Madrid, Spain. [Artico Netlabel]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License

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