PCP#823… 10 Years of Acid Box…

10 Years of Acid Box……with tracks by…The Black Tambourines, Rebel Control, Ellis D, The Durians, Vieira and The Silvers, Lilac Complex, Electric Cowboy Club, The Morning After Girls, The Carrier Wave, Ryan Richardson, Honk, Trip Westerns, Micky B, Arky Starch, Yemanjo, C. Reider, Dubmatix, Ammoye

  1. The Black Tambourines – I Wanna Stay Away [Bandcamp]
  2. Rebel Control – Things [Bandcamp]
  3. Ellis D – Straightjacket Blues [Bandcamp]
  4. The Durians – Durian Chifa [Tropical Twista Records]
  5. Vieira and The Silvers – The Judge [Soundcloud]
  6. Lilac Complex – Punished [Der Kleine Gruene Wuerfel]
  7. Electric Cowboy Club – Grapefruit Baby
  8. The Morning After Girls – Chasing Us Under [Retrospective 2006]
  9. The Carrier Wave – Tastes Like Hairspray [Retrospective 2011]
  10. Ryan Richardson – Damn Damnation [Bandcamp]
  11. Honk – Lazy River Blues [Bandcamp]
  12. Trip Westerns – Wicked Knife [Bandcamp]
  13. Micky B & Arky Starch – Gift from Paradise
  14. Yemanjo – Show Me Your Power [Jumpsuit Records]
  15. C. Reider – Amber monitor [Bandcamp]
  16. Dubmatix & Ammoye – Fire and Brimstone [RDX Promo]

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PCP#345… Light and Dark…

with tracks by…  Radio Star, Gnawa Click, Alice Rose, The Talking Dog, Eugen Doibani, Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys, The Carrier Wave, Dub Is A Weapon, Bright Light Quartet, Red Sky Lullaby, Early To Bed, Authist and Dub One!

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  1. A Common Tale, by Radio Star . Melbourne  Australia.  [Jamendo]

Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long: Alan Lomaxâ??s "Southern Journey," 1959â??1960Bright Light Quartet
“I’m Tired” (mp3)
from “Worried Now, Won’t Be Worried Long: Alan Lomaxâ??s “Southern Journey,” 1959â??1960″
(Global Jukebox)

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Bedding music by Kaya Project

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