PCP#291… No More Naughties…

PCP#291… No More Naughties… with tracks by… Bongo Chilli, Monokle, Menuda Coincidencia, N-Noiz, Tommy T, Pandoras Box, Kenzie, Sr. Aye, The Voodoo Trombone Quartet, The Joy Formidable, Red On Red, Dani M.

  1. Leave Di Gun Ting, by Bongo Chilli.North West England. [ReggaeDubWise]
  2. Seven, by Monokle. Russian Federation. [Id.Eology]
  3. Corre, by Menuda Coincidencia. Monterrey, Mexico.[Delhotel]
  4. Red Spider Nebula, by N-Noiz. Berlin, Germany. [Plainaudio]
  5. The Call, by Tommy T.New York, USA. [Promonet]
  6. Golden Spoon, by Pandoras Box.Geisenhausen, Bayern, Germany. [Clinical Archives]
  7. Chemical (Radio Edit), by Kenzie.UK. [Promonet]
  8. Preparados, by Sr. Aye (from the Album “Of Men And Machines”) [Audiovisualtheorem]
  9. Hey You, The Rocksteady Crew, by The Voodoo Trombone Quartet. London, England. [Promonet]
  10. Mr Beerdrunk Soul Is Sadder Than A Hundred Dead Christmas Trees, by The Joy Formidable. Mould, North Wales. [Myspace]
  11. Just A Little Bit Further, by Red On Red. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia [Promonet]
  12. Filthy Babylon, by Dani M. Uppsala, Sweden. [Dubkey]

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PCP#277 … Please Do Not Climb On The Rhinoceros!…

PCP#277 … Please Do Not Climb On The Rhinoceros!…

  1. La Batalla, by La Olla Express.Spain.
  2. Greyhounds In The Slips, by The Joy Formidable. London, England. [Myspace]
  3. I Still Love You More, by Pama Intl. London, England. [Myspace]
  4. Outside The Off Colour, by Punkture Kit. Brighton, England, [Myspace]
  5. Interview with Steve Lane.
  6. So Sophie, by FitsRoy. Brighton, England. [Myspace]
  7. Imidiwan Afrik Temdam, by Tinariwen. Mali. [Promonet]
  8. Help Yourself, by The Devil Makes Three.Santa Cruz, California, USA. [Daffodil Publicity]
  9. Ultraman vs Dr Jau, by Ki Sap.Valencia, Spain. [Jamendo]
  10. Shadow, by Shattered Atom. Los Angeles, California, USA. [Myspace]
  11. Hvezda Na Dubu, by Krutek.Brno, Czech Republic. [Jamendo]
  12. The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future, by Los Campesinos. Cardiff, Wales. [Myspace]Imidiwan: CompanionsTinariwen
    “Imidiwan Afrik Temdam” (mp3)
    from “Imidiwan: Companions”
    (World Village)

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