PCP#841… Slowest In The Fast Lane…

Slowest In The Fast Lane… with tracks by…Mike Devious, Pale Strangers, Elephant Stone, Gdansk81, Roman Angelo, LowTRAMON, Psychiceyeclix & Caecus Animi, Evan Hatfield, Karma Sheen, Knife Feelings, Manwel T, Olcay Bayir, Ula Stosio, Rempit Goddess, Sascha Müller

  1. Mike Devious – Let’s Go! [Underground Dance Music]
  2. Pale Strangers – Ghosts Are Gone [Puffer Fish Press]
  3. Elephant Stone – Lost In A Dream [Bandcamp]
  4. Gdansk81 – IV Thing [Puffer Fish Press]
  5. Roman Angelo – Motorbike Journey [Music Factory Records]
  6. LowTRAMON – Rongo Rongo  [Doubledgescissor]
  7. Psychiceyeclix & Caecus Animi – Tabali [Doubledgescissor]
  8. Evan Hatfield – Slow Burn [Jumpsuit Records]
  9. Karma Sheen – Sameer’s Sunflowers [Bandcamp]
  10. Knife Feelings – Man’s Search for Meaning [Pan y rosas discos]
  11. Manwel T – Bring That Dub [Manwel T]
  12. Olcay Bayir – Edle [StoryAmp]
  13. Ula Stosio – Komety (Jazz-T-II-Custom) [Bonimedia]
  14. Rempit Goddess – Heirarchy Is Nature [Yes No Wave]
  15. Sascha Müller – Glory [Psychocandies]

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