PCP#839… Homegrown Festival 2024…

Homegrown Festival 2024…with tracks by…Mindframe, Everyday Saints, Really Big Really Clever, Trip Westerns, Maximilian, Moon Idle, Hutch, Leibniz, Glasshouse Red Spider Mite, Currls, Canned Pineapple, Hypsoline, Ellis-D, The Wytches, Gaffa Tape Sandy, CLT DRP, Ideal Living

  1. Mindframe – Rains No More [Green Door Store]
  2. Everyday Saints – Distress Yourself [Rossi Bar]
  3. Really Big Really Clever – Maybe You Should Get Help [Green Door Store]
  4. Trip Westerns – Dead Of Night [The Pipeline]
  5. Maximilian – For Now [The Pipeline]
  6. Moon Idle – Moments [Green Door Store]
  7. Hutch – Mechanical Bull (Acoustic Mix) [Green Door Store]
  8. Leibniz – No Body No Home [The Prince Albert]
  9. Glasshouse Red Spider Mite – Erstwhile [The Folklore Rooms]
  10. Currls – Nerve [The Hope and Ruin]
  11. Canned Pineapple – Why Don’t The Pretty Women Look At Me [The Pipeline]
  12. Hypsoline – Space Babe [Rossi Bar]
  13. Ellis-D – Humdrum [The Folklore Rooms]
  14. The Wytches – Maria [Green Door Store]
  15. Gaffa Tape Sandy – Scrapbook [The Prince Albert]
  16. CLT DRP – Until You Showed Me [The Hope and Ruin]
  17. Ideal Living – Sanity [Rossi Bar]

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