PCP#835… Azure…

Azure……with tracks by…Leg Puppy 2.0, Mohammed Syfkhan, Kottu, Tian Qiyi, Head Sound, Tangerinecat, Pornophonique, Creve Nuit, Juan Deminicis, Julian Rodriguez, Kurup & Afrogame, Paul Arendt , Poon, Flamingods, Anderdog

  1. Leg Puppy 2.0 – Artists getting away with bullshit feat LVA [YouTube]
  2. Mohammed Syfkhan – I am Kurdish [Bandcamp]
  3. Kottu – Death Of Music [Recorded Live]
  4. Tian Qiyi – Gobi Ritual [Bandcamp]
  5. Head Sound – Optimistic [Muso Soup]
  6. Tangerinecat – Ask Owl – Mwnci Studios, 2022 (Live) [Bandcamp]
  7. Pornophonique – Sad Robot [Retrospective 2007]
  8. Creve Nuit – La Valse Du Pouvoir (The Waltz Of Power) [Retrospective 2010]
  9. Juan Deminicis – At Hell [Forward Music]
  10. Julian Rodriguez – The Eternal Sigh of Sibyl [Forward Music]
  11. Kurup & Afrogame – Azure [Tropical Twista Records]
  12. Paul Arendt  – Theo [StoryAmp]
  13. Poon – Tipsy [Crowflies Communications]
  14. Flamingods – Adana [Bandcamp]
  15. Anderdog – Dog Eat Dog (Anton Take Remix) [Mestnost]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0) License 

PCP#835… Azure…2024-04-28T10:00:23+00:00

Sound Avenue House Mix

Celebrating the Sound Avenue Group of Netlabels…
Sound Avenue House Mix ……with tracks by…Alto Astral, Beat Syndrome, Dark Soul Project, Heaven INC. & Low Contrast, ID.Jay, Juan Deminicis, Daraspa, Diego Poblets, Kenan Savrun, La Vue, Kastis Torrau & Arnas D, Madloch, Subnode & Pedro Capelossi, Rikken, Morris (AR), Sanzy, UNWA
Mixed at 120 bpm by Pete Cogle
Sound Avenue House Mix2024-01-15T16:05:12+00:00
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