PCP#840… The Long Night Of The Broken Strings…

The Long Night Of The Broken Strings…with tracks by…Vaimler, Oldfield Youth Club, Kandee, Pattern Industries, Beatstar, The Exact Opposite, Subnode, Guido Percich, ALKA, Pablo Ugarti, Jahvisst, San Francisco Music Club, House Of All, Evan Hatfield, Peter Daniel, Ramino Galas

  1. Vaimler – Voronoi [Digital Distortions]
  2. Oldfield Youth Club – Cutbacks [Bandcamp]
  3. Kandee – Skavana (feat. Jahzz) [ODG]
  4. Pattern Industries -1000 Percent (feat. Beatstar) [Sojus Records]
  5. The Exact Opposite – Look At Him Go! [Gets Louder]
  6. Subnode – Love Is All (Figueras Remix) [3rd Avenue]
  7. Guido Percich – Bitterroot Range [Forward Music]
  8. ALKA – After Dark [The Audio Atelier]
  9. Pablo Ugarti – Bienaventuranza [The Audio Atelier]
  10. Jahvisst – Good Morning [Retropective 2009]
  11. San Francisco Music Club – Love and Freedom [Retrospective 2012]
  12. House Of All – For This Be Glory [Bandcamp]
  13. Evan Hatfield – Sangita [Jumpsuit Records]
  14. Peter Daniel – Miles Around [Music Factory Records]
  15. Ramino Galas – Brega Synth (Cumbia Dub Mix) [Tropical Twista Records]

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