PCP#837… Manspreading Lesbian Robot Killers…

Manspreading Lesbian Robot Killers……with tracks by…Louis Lingg and the Bombs, No Salgas Con Robots!, Pretlak veku, Pat H, Pigmaliaio, Interdimensional Warlock, Soundealer, Double Park, Georgia Wonder, The Subtheory featuring Pet Twin, Midnight Driver, Hollows, The Polish Ambassador, Slowerpace 音楽, Subset

  1. Louis Lingg and the Bombs – Manspreading On The Metro [BlocSonic]
  2. No Salgas Con Robots! – Funky ( remix x Lesglobe-iss) [Abrazo Virtual Discos]
  3. Pretlak veku – Marie [Poli5]
  4. Pat H – Slow Burn [The Audio Atelier]
  5. Pigmaliao – Tchaúo [dsrptv rec]
  6. Interdimensional Warlock – Robot Revolution [Digital Distortions]
  7. Soundealer – Dubway to Hell [Insectorama]
  8. Double Park – If I was a girl [Retrospective 2008]
  9. Georgia Wonder – Genius [Retrospective 2006]
  10. The Subtheory featuring Pet Twin – Song of the Damascene [Gets Louder]
  11. Midnight Driver – Jardim Oceânico [Business Casual]
  12. Hollows – Talons [Puffer Fish Press]
  13. The Polish Ambassador – Skiff Rider
  14. Slowerpace 音楽 – Getting Lost [Bandcamp]
  15. Subset – Journey to Tayrona (Deep Fried Dub Remix) [Explorations in Dub]  [Dubmission Records]

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