PCP#830… Dont Ask, Elmo…

Don’t Ask, Elmo……with tracks by…Toxic Chicken, Ancient Astronauts & Otim Alphaw, Brazen Rule, Midas Fall, Black Market Karma, H2S04, Newdad, Libra, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Karma Sheen, Ghostwoman, Virtual Jasper, The Bandulus, Arthur J Reptilian, Roots Raid, Marina P, Deka Sul, The Polish Ambassador

  1. Toxic Chicken – Be A Bird [Sub65]
  2. Ancient Astronauts & Otim Alpha – Akwaki feat. Brazen Rule [RDX Promo]
  3. Midas Fall – Cold Waves Divide Us [Fat Drop]
  4. Black Market Karma – Semper Fi [Bandcamp]
  5. H2S04 – Feed The Amp [Muso Soup]
  6. Newdad – Angel [Bandcamp]
  7. Libra – Morning traffic [Retrospective 2011]
  8. Secret Archives of the Vatican – Citadel of Dust [Retrospective 2019]
  9. Karma Sheen – Homecoming (Raag Malkauns) [Bandcamp]
  10. Ghostwoman – Alright Alright [Bandcamp]
  11. Virtual Jasper – Beast Effect [Muso Soup]
  12. The Bandulus – Pieces [Fat Drop]
  13. Arthur J Reptilian – Squint [Bandcamp]
  14. Roots Raid x Marina P – Denver Sky [ODG]
  15. Deka Sul &The Polish Ambassador – Ladyship [Bandcamp]

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PCP#727… Connected….

Connected… with tracks by…Toxic Chicken, Smoke and Mirrors, Beau Audio, GRàA, Susan Creamcheese, Avulth, Destroyer, Ultra Tone Feat Pixie Bennett, Guzz (Arg), Tanti & Fitasha, Neniu, Lee Rosevere, Right Carrier Orchestra

  1. Toxic Chicken – Fixing You with Love [Earthrid]
  2. Smoke and Mirrors – Connected [RDX Promo]
  3. Beau Audio – Its Like That [FreeEtLegal]
  4. GRàA (Grow) – Dansa uppá þaki (Dance On The Roof) [Post-Dreifing]
  5. Susan Creamcheese – 5 Nov [Post-Dreifing]
  6. Avulth – Lime & Space [Bandcamp]
  7. Destroyer – The Laziest River (Stefan Baghiu Edit) [Innunct Music]
  8. Ultra Tone Feat Pixie Bennett – Shapeshifter (Lars Behrenroth Remix) [Deeper Shades Recordings]
  9. Guzz (Arg) – 0000022 [Kopoc]
  10. Tanti & Fitasha – A La Deriva [Too Much Peace and Quiet]
  11. Neniu – Avant maintenant [La Souterraine]
  12. Lee Rosevere – Pulse [Bandcamp]
  13. Right Carrier Orchestra – Bow [DJ EZ Music]

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PCP#453… Best of 2013…

Best of 2013… With Tracks By….Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Honningbarna, Heifervescent, Blek, Gaoler’s Daughter, Velociraptor, Super Water Sympathy, Skimmer, Liam Stewart, Radiomaniac, POST, Jacco Gardner, Natural Heights, Fiction 20 Down, Bilou Le Skankerfou, Dreadsquad, Afro Groove Collective, Dub Addiction meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown, Dubmatix, Toxic Chicken, Backdraft, David Starfire, Swami,DJ Delay vs Jallabanda, Dub Gabriel, A Tribe Called Red, Krooked Drivers, Gaudi, Mahala Rai Banda, Hello, Psychaleppo!, Indidginus, BlakOPz, Block Dodger, Finnian, Wan Bushi, Dozer, Sedge Warbler, Blue Stahli, Insane Fennel, Tribal Soup, Secret Archives of the Vatican, , R. Lobster, Grünemusik, Kinematik VKE.

PCP#453... Best of 2013...
[suffusion-widgets id=’1′]
  1. 0:00:00  Bring It On, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France.
  2. 0:04:20  Dodtid (Downtime), by Honningbarna (Honey Children), Kristiansand, Norway.
  3. 0:07:17  Asleep At The Wheel, by Heifervescent. Stockport, England. [Jamendo]
  4. 0:09:56 Minus The Makeup, by Blek. Mumbai, India.
  5. 0:13:06  When We Were Young (Feat. ‘Steely’ Dan Monte), by Gaoler’s Daughter. London, England. [Strummerville]
  6. 0:15:56  Cynthia, by Velociraptor. Brisbane, Australia.
  7. 0:18:26  Sunday School Dress,by Super Water Sympathy. Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. [In Music We Trust]
  8. 0:22:09  Marmalade, by Skimmer. [A tribute to Crocodile God]
  9. 0:23:58  German Army Coat, by Liam Stewart. Yorkshire, England. [Blocsonic]
  10. 0:28:01  Gulliver (Side Effects Of Modern Psychotropic Substances), by Radiomaniac. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. [Southern’s City Lab]
  11. 0:31:17   Reset Me, by POST. Istanbul, Turkey. [Noiseist]
  12. 0:36:22  Clear The Air, by Jacco Gardner. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  13. 0:39:57  Wake Me Up, by Natural Heights. California, USA. [IODA]
  14. 0:43:47  Down Like Hip-Hop, by Fiction 20 Down. East Coast, USA. [f20d.com]
  15. 0:47:37  Degueulasse Dub, by Bilou Le Skankerfou . France.[Jamendo]
  16. 0:51:04  Old’s Cool (Version), by Dreadsquad. Lodz, Poland.   [Soundcloud]
  17. 0:54:28  Chocot’, by Afro Groove Collective. New York, USA. [StoryAmp]
  18. 0:58:37  Ganja Dub, by Dub Addiction meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. [Metal Postcard Records]
  19. 1:01:56  Marcus Visionary Remix (feat. Luciano), by Dubmatix. Ontario, Canada. [Soundcloud]
  20. 1:08:23  Bad Bat Rave Cave, by Toxic Chicken. Bangkok, Thailand. [Soundcloud]
  21. 1:11:49  Skreamin Out Loud (feat. Ebere), by Backdraft. UK. [Exploding Art Promotions]
  22. 1:15:29  House Of Bhangra, by David Starfire. California, USA. [Six Degrees Records]
  23. 1:19:13  Back It Up (Desi Mix), by Swami. UK [SwamiMusic]
  24. 1:23:17  Baga Cumbia, by DJ Delay vs Jallabanda. Berlin, Germany.
  25. 1:28:09  No Lies (feat. M.C. Zulu) by Dub Gabriel. San Francisco, USA
  26. 1:32:01  Red Riddom, ft Eastern Eagle (Mi’kmaq), by A Tribe Called Red. Ottawa, Canada.
  27. 1:35:55  On The Line, by Krooked Drivers. Denver, USA.[Gravitas]
  28. 1:39:50  Why U Wanna Run (feat. Danny Ladwa), by Gaudi. London, England. [Six Degrees Records]
  29. 1:44:30  La Cherga (feat. Adisa Zvekic), by Mahala Rai Banda. Bucharest, Romania. [StoryAmp]
  30. 1:48:32  Eyes Improvise, by Hello, Psychaleppo! Aleppo, Syria. [hellopsychaleppo.com]
  31. 1:52:53  Follow We, by Indidginus . UK.
  32. 1:56:43  BlakOUt, by BlakOPz. Phoenix/Los Angeles, USA. [Gravitas Recordings]
  33. 2:02:36  Mothership (feat. Nuclear) by Block Dodger. London, England. [DrumNBass.net]
  34. 2:09:03  Clowns Im Boot (Zirkuszelt Version), by Finnian. Vienna, Austria. [Ringe Raja Records]
  35. 2:12:47  Crazy Accordeon Conny Bitch, by Wan Bushi[RRR]
  36. 2:16:39  Armed, by Dozer. Italy. [Ephedrina]
  37. 2:20:43  Codeine (Buck Rogers Remix), by Sedge Warbler.  Melbourne, Australia.[StoryAmp]
  38. 2:24:48  So So Bad (Mr Wesh Remix), by Blue Stahli. [Dubstep.net]
  39. 2:28:21   Glow, by Insane Fennel. St. Petersburg, Russia. [Generation Bass]
  40. 2:31:58  Masmoudi Dub, by Tribal Soup. Florida, USA. [Bandcamp]
  41. 2:35:01  Sinum, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  42. 2:40:58  To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space, by Globular. UK. [Ektoplazm]
  43. 2:50:41  Seismology, R. Lobster. Rome, Italy. [Sirona]
  44. 2:57:56  Lost Red Canal City, by Grünemusik. Germany. [Jamendo]
  45. 3:03:20  Grains Of Sand And Ocean Drops, by Kinematik VKE. USA. [The Inner Cinema]

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PCP#435… Bring It On!

PCP#435... Bring It On!

Bring It On…with tracks by…. Louis Lingg and the Bombs, Nine Invisibles, Radiomaniac, Los Chicos Altos, Palo Q’Sea, Cheikh Lo, Wan Bushi, Alienação Afrofuturista, D-Solution, Salinas, Skala Collective, Spektah Gadjo, Toxic Chicken, Blacky B, Futuresounder, LTR.

PCP#435… Bring It On!2018-04-20T12:45:26+00:00
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