PCP#838… Complex Waves…

Complex Waves……with tracks by…Louis Lingg And The Bombs, Acqua Ultra, Pátí na svete, Dime, Xoa, Bob Vylan, Triple Echo, Koti & Thee Immigrants, Yemen Blues, Jambuka, Synthetic Sinergy, Six Umbrellas, Optonika, Venez OG,

  1. Louis Lingg And The Bombs – They Stole The Rave [BlocSonic]
  2. Acqua Ultra – Hypno Tronic Machine [Speedsound]
  3. Pátí na svete – Hymna odpocívajících [Poli5]
  4. Dime – Improvisation (excerpt) [Instagram]
  5. Xoa – After Burner [Bandcamp]
  6. Bob Vylan – Dream Big [Bandcamp]
  7. Triple Echo – Complex Wave [Speedsound]
  8. Koti & Thee Immigrants – Send Me Through the Gate [Retrospective 2017]]
  9. Yemen Blues – Jat Mahibati [Retrospective 2011]
  10. Jambuka – Abrasive [Bandcamp]
  11. Synthetic Sinergy – I Wanna Know [Speedsound]
  12. Six Umbrellas – Pain Here Pain There [Der Kleine Gruene Wuerfel]
  13. Optonika – Blank Blank (Poli Siufi Remix) [Future Avenue]
  14. Venez OG – Skydiving In Water [Inunct Music]

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with tracks by …  1-2-3, TriBeCaStan, Garmisch, Mastermind XS, Ubuntu, Nigel Price Organ Trio, Alex Garnett, Jordan Reyne, Natan, Tone, Yemen Blues.


PCP#348… Enough Is Enough! …

with tracks by…  KaeoFLUX, Yemen Blues, Pilgrm Speakeasy, Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys, Julie Moffatt, Mr Moods, The Easton Ellises, Rolemusic, Nasienie, UMM. Amitron 7.

PCP#348… Enough Is Enough! …2018-04-20T12:46:18+00:00
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